Disaffected Democracies: What's Troubling the Trilateral Countries?

Robert David Putnam and Susan J. Pharr
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Princeton University Press
Disaffected Democracies: What's Troubling the Trilateral Countries? Book Cover Disaffected Democracies

Edited by
Susan J. Pharr and Robert D. Putnam
(Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2000)
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Table of Contents

Susan J. Pharr and Robert D. Putnam

Samuel P. Huntingdon

Introduction: What's Troubling the Trilateral Democracies?
Robert D. Putnam, Susan J. Pharr, and Russell J. Dalton

Part I. Declining Performance of Democratic Institutions

  • The Public Trust
    Russell Hardin Chapter
  • Confidence in Public Institutions: Faith, Culture, or Performance?
    Kenneth Newton and Pippa Norris
  • Distrust of Government: Explaining American Exceptionalism
    Anthony King

Part II. Sources of the Problem: Declining Capacity

  • Interdependence and Democratic Legitimation
    Fritz W. Sharpf
  • Confidence, Trust, International Relations, and Lessons From Smaller Democracies
    Peter J. Katzenstein
  • The Economics of Civic Trust
    Alberto Alesina and Romain Wacziarg

Part III. Sources of the Problem: Erosion of Fidelity

  • Officials' Misconduct and Public Distrust: Japan and the Trilateral Democracies
    Susan J. Pharr
  • Social Capital, Beliefs in Government, and Political Corruption
    Donatella Della Porta

Part IV. Sources of the Problem: Changes in Information and Criteria of Evaluation

  • The Impact of Television on Civic Malaise
    Pippa Norris
  • Value Change and Democracy
    Russell J. Dalton
  • Mad Cows and Social Activists: Contentious Politics in the Trilateral Democracies
    Sidney Tarrow
  • Political Mistrust and Party Realignment in Japan
    Hideo Otake

Ralf Dahrendorf

Appendix: The Major Cross-National Opinion Surveys
Russell J. Dalton