Do Scientists Understand the Public?

Workshop Participants

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Chris Mooney
Scientists’ Understanding of the Public

The Next Generation of the Internet, November 13–14, 2008

David Clark (Chair)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Scott Bradner
Harvard University

Elise Ackerman

Daniel Geer
Geer Risk Services

Susan Athey
Harvard University

John B. Horrigan
Federal Communications Commission

Marjory Blumenthal
Georgetown University

Paul Resnick
University of Michigan

Public Perceptions of Nuclear Waste Repositories, April 29–30, 2009

Thomas Isaacs (Chair)
Stanford University and Lawrence
Livermore National Laboratory

Kennette Benedict
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Wesley Cragg
York University

Cornelia Dean
The New York Times

Elizabeth Dowdeswell
University of Toronto

Ted Greenwood
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Hank C. Jenkins-Smith
University of Oklahoma

Carl Kaysen †
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Carol Kessler
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Janet Kotra
Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Thomas Leschine
University of Washington

Charles McCombie
Arius Association

Steven Miller
Harvard University

Ivan Oelrich
Federation of American Scientists

Eugene A. Rosa
Washington State University

Robert Rosner
University of Chicago

Eugene Skolnikoff
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

† Deceased

The Spread of Personal Genetic Information, May 19–20, 2009

David Altshuler (Chair)
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard;
Harvard Medical School;
Massachusetts General Hospital

Emilio BizziMassachusetts Institute of Technology

Vence Bonham
National Human Genome Research Institute

Lisa Sowle Cahill
Boston College

Amelia Chappelle
Genetic Alliance

Gideon Gil
The Boston Globe

Hank Greely
Stanford Law School

Steven Pinker
Harvard University

David Reich
Harvard Medical School; Broad
Institute of MIT and Harvard

Philip Reilly
Third Rock Ventures

James Schwartz
Independent Scholar and Writer

Fintan Steele
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

Jennifer Weisman
U.S. Department of Health and
Human Services

Huntington Willard
Duke Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy

The Risks and Benefits of Emerging Energy Technologies, December 8–9, 2009

Robert Fri (Chair)
Resources for the Future

Stephen Ansolabehere
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Jan Beyea
Consulting in the Public Interest

Peter Blair
National Academy of Sciences

Ana Unruh Cohen
House Select Committee on Energy
Independence and Global Warming

Thomas Dietz
Michigan State University

Steven Hamburg
Environmental Defense Fund

Martha A. Krebs
California Energy Commission

Anthony Leiserowitz
Yale University

Nathan S. Lewis
California Institute of Technology

Michael McElroy
Harvard University

Ernest J. Moniz
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Roopali Phadke
Macalester College

John Rogers
Union of Concerned Scientists

David Tilman
University of Minnesota

Michael Vandenbergh
Vanderbilt Law School