A European Approach to Space Security


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Xavier Pasco
Reconsidering the Rules of Space

This paper is part of the American Academy’s Reconsidering the Rules of Space project, which is guided by the Academy’s Committee on International Security Studies. The project examines the implications of U.S. space policy from a variety of perspectives, and considers the international rules and principles needed for promoting a long-term balance of commercial, military, and scientific activities in space. The Reconsidering the Rules of Space project is supported by a generous grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York. We thank the Carnegie Corporation for its support and Patricia Nicholas for her continued interest, advice, and perceptive comments.

The Academy joins the author in thanking the three anonymous reviewers for their comments on this paper. Thank you also to Kimberly Durniak, Christopher Davey, Alice Noble, Karthika Susikumar, Scott Wilder, Micah Buis, and Phyllis Bendell in helping to produce this report. Most of all, thank you to the author for applying his knowledge and experience to these important issues.

We are grateful to Carl Kaysen and John Steinbruner, co-chairs of the Committee on International Security Studies, for their dedication to the project and thoughtful review of this paper. We would also like to thank Nancy Gallagher, who has helped to advance this study, and especially John Steinbruner, who has served as the principal leader and director of the Reconsidering the Rules of Space project.

Leslie Berlowitz
Chief Executive Officer and
William T. Golden Chair
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