A European Approach to Space Security

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Xavier Pasco
Reconsidering the Rules of Space

Xavier Pasco received his doctorate in political science from the University of Paris-Sorbonne. He is Senior Research Fellow and head of the Department of Technology, Space, and Security at the Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique (FRS) in Paris. Previously, he was a researcher at CREST, the Center for Research and Evaluation of the Relationships between Strategies and Technology, of the Ecole Polytechnique. His current research focuses on space and high-technology policies and decision-making processes associated with national security strategies. He is involved in a number of projects studying the use of space for security, at both the national and European levels, including for the Preparatory Action for Security Research (PASR) and the Seventh R&D Framework Programme (2007–2013) coordinated by the European Commission. He has also supported the work of the Subcommittee on Security and Defense of the European Parliament and has contributed to the European Space Agency’s (ESA) ongoing work on governance and data policy. He is Associate Research Fellow at the Space Policy Institute at George Washington University, and is the European Editor of the international academic review Space Policy. He is a permanent Invited Member of the French National Marine Academy. In 2006, he was elected Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Astronautics.