Fundamentalisms and the State: Remaking Polities, Economies, and Militance

Robert Scott Appleby and Martin Emil Marty
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University of Chicago Press
Fundamentalisms and the State: Remaking Polities, Economies, and Militance (vol. 3 of series) Book Cover Fundamentalisms and the State

Edited by
Martin E. Marty and R. Scott Appleby
(Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1993)
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Table of Contents

Introduction Martin E. Marty and R. Scott Appleby

Part 1: Remaking Polities
Fundamentalism and Politics, John H. Garvey
Fundamentalism and American Law, John H. Garvey
Fundamentalism, Ethnicity, and Enclav, Steve Bruce
Jewish Fundamentalism and the Israeli Polity, Charles S. Liebman
Shi'ite Jurisprudence and Constitution Making in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Said Amir Arjomand
The Fundamentalist Impact on Law, Politics, and Constitutions in Iran, Pakistan, and the Sudan, Ann Elizabeth Mayer
Fundamentalist Influence in Egypt: The Strategies of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Takfir Groups, Abdel Azim Ramadan
Islamic Tajdid and the Political Process in Nigeria, UmarM. Birai
The Nakshibendi Order of Turkey, Serif Mardin
Hindu Fundamentalism and the Structural Stability of India, Robert Eric Frykenberg
Sikh Fundamentalism: Translating History into Theory, Harjot Oberoi

Part 2: Restructuring Economics
Fundamentalisms and the Economy, Timur Kuran
The Economic Impact of Islamic Fundamentalism, Timur Kuran
Heirs to the Protestant Ethic? The Economics of American Fundamentalists, Laurence R. Iannaccone
Buddhist Economics and Buddhist Fundamentalism in Burma and Thailand, Charles F. Keyes
The Economic Impact of Hindu Revivalism, Deepak Lal

Part 3: Remaking the World through Militancy
Comparing Militant Fundamentalist Movements and Groups, David C. Rapoport
Three Models of Religious Violence: The Case of Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel, Ehud Sprinzak
Afghanistan: An Islamic War of Resistance, Olivier Roy
Militancy and Religion in Contemporary Iran, Nikki R. Keddie and Farah Monian
Hizbullah: The Calculus of Jihad, Martin Kramer
Saving America's Souls: Operation Rescue's Crusade against Abortion, Faye Ginsburg Buddhism, Politics, and Violence in Sri Lanka, Stanley J. Tambiah
Conclusion: Remaking the State: The Limits of the Fundamentalist Imagination, Martin E. Marty and R. Scott Appleby