Governance of Dual-Use Technologies: Theory and Practice


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Elisa D. Harris, James M. Acton, and Herbert Lin
Global Nuclear Future

The authors are grateful to the diverse group of experts who participated in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences meeting on “Dual-Use Technology: Current and Future Governance Prospects,” held at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs in March 2015. We are especially grateful to Steve Fetter, David Fidler, the late Roger Hurwitz, R. Scott Kemp, Gregory Koblentz, and Jens Kuhn for their thoughtful comments on the draft papers presented at the meeting, and to Jo Husbands, Susan Koch, and Angela McKay for enriching our meals with their insightful presentations. We would also like to thank Rebecca Lordan and Kristopher Pittard for their assistance in transcribing the meeting discussions.

Special thanks are also owed to those who took the time to review and comment on subsequent drafts of the chapters published in this volume. In particular, James Acton thanks Togzhan Kassenova for her comments on the draft and Lauryn Williams for her research assistance. Herbert Lin thanks Stephanie Forrest, Trey Herr, David Relman, and Adam Segal. Elisa D. Harris thanks Seth Carus, Richard Ebright, Thomas Holohan, Jo Husbands, Gregory Koblentz, and Milton Leitenberg for their detailed comments and suggestions, and Kathryn Harris, David Koplow, and Kathryn Nixdorff for their insights on particular issues.

We also are extremely grateful to the leaders of the Academy’s Global Nuclear Future Initiative—Robert Rosner, Steven Miller, and Scott Sagan—for their assistance in developing this project, their input during the March 2015 dual-use technology meeting, and their subsequent comments on this volume. Finally, we want to extend our deepest gratitude to Francesca Giovannini and Kathryn Moffat at the Academy for the extraordinary support and assistance they provided throughout this project.