Light Weapons and Civil Conflict

Jeffrey Boutwell and Michael T. Klare
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Light Weapons and Civil Conflict Book Cover Light Weapons and Civil Conflict

Edited by
Jeffrey Boutwell and Michael T. Klare
(Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 1999)
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Table of Contents


Part One: Light Weapons and International Conflict

  • The International Trade in Light Weapons:
    What Have We Learned?
    Michael T. Klare
  • Light Weapons and Conflict in the Great Lakes Region of Africa
    Kathi Austin
  • Controlling the Black and Gray Markets in Small Arns in South Asia
    Tara Kartha

Part Two: Controlling the Supply of Light Weapons

  • U.S. Policy and the Export of Light Weapons
    Lora Lumpe
  • The European Union and the Light Weapons Trade
    Paul Eavis and William Benson
  • Domestic Laws and International Controls
    Natalie J. Goldring

Part Three: Regional Efforts to Control Light Weapons

  • Mali and the West African Light Weapons Moratotium
    Joseph P. Smaldone
  • Controlling Light Weapons in Southern Africa
    Hussein Solomon

Part Four: International Cooperation in Controlling Light Weapons

  • The United Nations and the Control of Light Weapons
    Graciela Uribe de Lozano
  • Light Weapons and International Law Enforcement
    James P. McShane

Part Five: Light Weapons, Human Rights, and Social Development

  • Light Weapons and Human Development: The Need for Transparency and Early Warning
    Edward J. Laurance
  • Arms Transfers, Humanitarian Assistance, and Humanitarian Law
    Peter Herby
  • The World Bank, Demobilization, and Social Reconstruction
    Nat J. Colletta


  • Light Weapons and Civil Conflict: Policy Options for the International Commmunity
    Jeffrey Boutwell and Michael T. Klare
  • Appendix A: Recommendations of the Report of the UN Panel of Governmental Experts on Small Arms, Submitted by the Secretary-General to the General Assembly, August 27, 1997
  • Appendix B:An International Agenda on Small Arms and Light Weapons: Elements of a Common Understanding, Oslo, Norway, July 12-13, 1998
  • Apendix C: Sustainable Disarmament for Sustainable Development: The Brussels Call for Action, October 12-13, 1998