Nuclear Power in Vietnam: International Responses and Future Prospects


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Tanya Ogilvie-White
Global Nuclear Future

Special thanks to all those who have helped me with this paper: to Scott Sagan, with whom I discussed ideas for this and other research projects during an enjoyable journey from Hiroshima to Vienna in July 2013; to all the experts who generously discussed, read, and commented on drafts: Itty Abraham, Amitav Acharya, Mohd Zamzam Jaafar, Yasril Baharuddin, Suos Yara, Thach Nguyen, Gareth Evans, Ramesh Thakur, John Page, and David Santoro; to friends and colleagues who worked with me on projects that have fed into this one: Mike Malley, Mark Fitzpatrick, Tim Huxley, and Ta Minh Tuan; to Steve Miller, whose wonderful conversations transport me to Italy; and to Francesca Giovannini and the team at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, who have made working on this project a delightful experience, from start to finish. Thank you all for your help, encouragement, and inspiration.