Nuclear Reactors: Generation to Generation

List of Acronyms

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Stephen M. Goldberg and Robert Rosner
Global Nuclear Future
ABWR Advanced Boiling Water Reactor
ACR Advanced CANDU Reactor
AECL Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.
AFPR Atoms for Peace Reactor
AES AЭC, Russian, Atomic Power Station
ANL Argonne National Laboratory
ANTARES AREVA – New Technology based on Advanced gas-cooled REactorS
APR Advanced Power Reactor
APWR Advanced Pressurized Water Reactor
ARC Advanced Reactor Concepts, LLC
B&W Babcock & Wilcox
BWR boiling water reactor
CANDU CANada Deuterium Uranium Reactor
CNNC China National Nuclear Corporation
CNP China’s Nuclear Power Reactor Series
COL combined construction and operating license
CPR Chinese Pressurized Water Reactor
DOE U.S. Department of Energy
EBR-I Experimental Breeder Reactor-1
EDF Électricité de France
ENHS Encapsulated Nuclear Heat-Source Reactor
EPR European Pressurized Reactor
ESBWR Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor
FBR fast breeder reactor
FBTR Fast Breeder Test Reactor
GA General Atomics
GE General Electric
GEH GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy
GEN I generation I reactor
GEN II generation II reactor
GEN III generation III reactor
GEN III+ generation III+ reactor
GEN IV generation IV reactor
GWe gigawatt electric
HPM Hyperion Power Module
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency
IRIS International Reactor Innovative and Secure
JSW Japan Steel Works
KNGR Korean Next Generation Reactor
KSNP Korean Standard Nuclear Power Plant
kWe one thousand watts of electric
kWh kilowatt hour
LANL Los Alamos National Laboratory
LFR lead-cooled fast reactor
LLNL Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
LWR light water reactor
MHI Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
MHR Modular Helium Reactor
MOX mixed oxide
MPa megapascal
MW megawatt
MWe megawatts electric
NGNP Next Generation Nuclear Plant
NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission
OPR Optimized Power Reactor
ORNL Oak Ridge National Laboratory
PB-AHTR Pebble Bed Advanced High Temperature Reactor
PBMR Pebble Bed Modular Reactor
PNNL Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PRISM Power Reactor Innovative Small Module
PWR pressurized water reactor
SmAHTR Small Modular Advanced High Temperature Reactor
SMR small modular reactor
SNPTC State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation (China)
SSTAR; SSTAR-H2 and SSTAR-LM Small, Sealed, Transportable, Autonomous Reactor of many coolants—two potential coolants are hydrogen and liquid metal
TWR Traveling Wave Reactor
UO2 uranium dioxide
VVER Vodo-Vodyanoi Energetichesky Reactor