Policies and Practices to Support Undergraduate Teaching Improvement


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Aaron M. Pallas, Anna Neumann, and Corbin M. Campbell
Commission on the Future of Undergraduate Education

We wish to acknowledge Liza Bolitzer for outstanding assistance in formulating the paper’s bibliography and tracking down historical texts and website materials. For useful insights, especially about work in progress and unpublished sources, we thank Abdul Abad, Sue Behrens, Melissa McDaniels, Gary Otake, Penelope Peterson, Julie Schell, Lorrie Shepard, and Aimee LaPointe Terosky. Our thanks also to Tony Acevedo and Eryn Klosko for their gracious permission to use examples of their classroom teaching practice. Special thanks to Michael McPherson, Francesca Purcell, and anonymous reviewers for constructive critique and advice. The authors are responsible for the contents of this paper, and no official endorsement should be inferred.