The Policy World Meets Academia: Designing U.S. Policy toward Russia


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Timothy J. Colton, Timothy Frye, and Robert Legvold
U.S. Policy Toward Russia

This publication is part of the American Academy’s project on U.S. Policy toward Russia, which is guided by the Academy’s Committee on International Security Studies. The project is supported by a generous grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York. We are grateful to the Corporation for its support and to Deana Arsenian, Vice President of Carnegie International Programs, for her continued interest and advice.

The essays that appear in this volume are the product of a seminar held at the American Academy on January 29, 2010, which was sponsored by the Academy and cosponsored by the Davis Center at Harvard University and the Harriman Institute at Columbia University.

The Academy thanks especially Robert Legvold, principal leader of the U.S. Policy toward Russia project, for his guidance of the project and for serving as an editor of this publication. We are grateful to his coeditors, Timothy Colton and Timothy Frye, and to Rachel Salzman, the program assistant. Thank you also to Academy staff Kimberly Durniak, Phyllis Bendell, Micah Buis, Erica Dorpalen, and Scott Wilder in helping to produce this publication. Most of all, we express our gratitude to the contributors for bringing their knowledge and insight to bear on these important and timely issues.

Leslie Berlowitz
Chief Executive Officer and
William T. Golden Chair
American Academy of Arts and Sciences

John D. Steinbruner
Professor of Public Policy, University of Maryland
Director, Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland (CISSM)
Chair, Committee on International Security Studies, American Academy of
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