Strengthening Energy Policy in the Great Lakes Region


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The Alternative Energy Future

Joseph Aldy, Harvard Kennedy School

Janice Beecher, Michigan State University

Valerie Brader, Michigan Agency for Energy

Stephen Brooks, University of Windsor

Kathryn Buckner, Council of Great Lakes Industries

Dallas Burtraw, Resources for the Future

Liesl Clark, 5 Lakes Energy

James Clift, Michigan Environmental Council

Anne Evens, Elevate Energy

Luke Forrest, Michigan Municipal League

Douglas George, Consul General of Canada in Detroit

Kristine Hartman, National Conference of State Legislatures

Catie Hausman, University of Michigan

Melissa Greene Hopfer, Lucas County Commissioner’s Office

Hoon-Yung Hopgood, Michigan Senate Environmental Quality Subcommittee of the Appropriations Committee

Chris Kolb, Michigan Environmental Council

Mary Maupin, Department of Environmental Quality, State of Michigan

Sarah Mills, University of Michigan

Matthew Naud, City of Ann Arbor, MI

Barry Rabe, University of Michigan

Daniel Raimi, Resources for the Future; University of Michigan

John Randell, American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Sean Reed, Clean Energy Coalition

Gregory Savageau, American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Andy Stocking, Principal Business Enterprises, Inc.

Frank Szollosi, National Wildlife Federation