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Home > Publications > Research Papers > The Physics of Space Security: A Reference Manual
The Physics of Space Security: A Reference Manual

Research Papers, Monographs, and Project Publications

The Physics of Space Security: A Reference Manual

David Wright, Laura Grego and Lisbeth Gronlund

Published by American Academy of Arts and Sciences,
Cambridge, MA 02138, 2005

Download the PDF

Table of Contents


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Policy-Relevant Implications

Section 3: Technical Implications and General Conclusions

Section 4: The Basics of Satellite Orbits

Section 5: Types of Orbits, or Why Satellites Are Where They Are

Section 6: Maneuvering in Space

Section 7: Implications of Maneuvering for Satellite Mass

Section 8: Getting Things into Space: Rockets and Launch Requirements

Section 9: Space-Basing

Section 10: Elements of a Satellite System

Section 11: Overview of Interfering with Satellite Systems

Section 12: Topics in Interfering with Satellite Systems


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