Telling Our Regional Story: The Narratives that Unite and Divide in North Carolina

Oct 22, 2020 |
Zoom Videoconferencing
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A major challenge facing the United States is how to combine the good and bad of our history into shared narratives. Telling Our Nation’s Story—one of the recommendations of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences’ recent report Our Common Purpose—calls for communities to work toward a common narrative by engaging in honest conversations about the past in order to reckon with what divides us while uncovering what unites.

This program will take a cross-disciplinary look at how communities across the Research Triangle can meld the pride and pain of their regional history to create a more honest and inclusive common narrative. Please join us for this important conversation on the way history informs the present for North Carolinians, and how communities across the country can create space to develop new narratives of American history.

The American Academy is proud to be featured during the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Research Week