A World Without Nuclear Constraints: Virtual Discussion Series

Jul 9-Aug 19, 2020 |
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Building on the research and expertise of the contributors to the Spring 2020 Dædalus issue, the Academy organized a series of Zoom discussions in collaboration with the Hoover Institution to identify and probe particular areas that might lead to greater international cooperation in the realm of nuclear arms control. Every fortnight from July 9 to August 19, experts and former officials from the U.S., Russia, and China gathered virtually to address important facets of the debates over the role of nuclear weapons for international security. In this period of online engagement, the Academy retains a strong convening power to connect members and experts in order to keep focus on the most pressing issues on the global policy agenda.  

One important framing question was a connecting strand throughout the sessions: are we to have a future of nuclear arms control or a future without it? Participants discussed the significance of the ongoing negotiations between the U.S. and Russia to renew a crucial bilateral arms control treaty, New START, which is the last remaining bilateral treaty governing the two countries' strategic nuclear forces. The series also focused on next steps for nuclear arms control, with participants identifying a range of areas where official and non-official efforts could contribute to promoting strategic stability in this new nuclear age. Academy staff produced a summary of points and proposals that emerged during the discussions. 

The virtual series was organized as part of the ongoing outreach program for the Academy project “Meeting the Challenges of the New Nuclear Age.”  

New Nuclear Virtual Discussion Zoom Screen