Dually Enrolled High School Students as a Share of Community College Coursetakers in Selected Humanities Disciplines, by Region, Fall 2015

ENG: English • LOTE: Languages Other than English • HIST: History • PHIL: Philosophy
The middle bar depicts the estimated proportion, and the upper and lower bars depict the range of uncertainty.
* Oth Hum: Other humanities, includes: 1) survey courses entitled “Humanities”; and 2) courses coded in colleges’ information systems as humanities but not counted in the other disciplinary categories.
** Any Hum: Any humanities course
Nine institutions included in the study are located in US territories; their data were excluded from this analysis. For the values underlying this figure, see American Academy of Arts Sciences, Humanities Indicators, “Humanities Education in Community Colleges: A Pilot Study,” (March 2019), appendix, tables 12, E7, FL7, H7, P7, and OH7.
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