Estimated Number of HDS-1 Departments and Faculty Members, Fall 2012:

* Totals should not be compared directly with 2007 data since these totals do not include data for any departments that have been created in the interim. These totals can be interpreted as estimates of minima for all 2012–13 departments combined.
** The medians were not compared with medians from the previous study; no estimate of change is included.
† Some of the departments classified as LLE for HDS‐1 have been reclassified as Classical Studies for HDS‐2. Any comparisons are made using only departments classified as LLE for both HDS‐1 and HDS‐2.
Source: Susan White, Raymond Chu, and Roman Czujko, The 2012–13 Survey of Humanities Departments at Four‐Year Institutions (College Park, MD: Statistical Research Center, American Institute of Physics, 2014). Study conducted for the American Academy of Arts Sciences’ Humanities Indicators Project.
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