IV-35c: Federally Funded Share of Expenditures for Academic Research and Development in the Humanities and Other Selected Fields, Fiscal Years 2007–2017

* See “About the Data” for an explanation of why the discipline of communication had to be excluded from the humanities field for the purposes of this analysis.

** Business management and business administration; communication and communication technologies; education; law; social work; and visual and performing arts.

Source: National Science Foundation, National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics, “Higher Education Research and Development: Fiscal Year 2017 (Data Tables),”, accessed 12/20/2018. Data presented by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences’ Humanities Indicators (

The system NSF (the collector of the data from which the RD estimates presented here are derived) uses to classify academic disciplines does not permit the separation of the more professionally oriented aspects of the communication discipline (e.g., broadcasting) from those that the Humanities Indicators treats as part of the humanities field (e.g., rhetoric and media studies). To avoid inflated estimates of humanities RD expenditures, communication has been excluded from the humanities field for the purposes of this analysis. The expenditures considered in the NSF survey are for both “sponsored research,” which is subsidized by outside entities (e.g., federal government agencies and private foundations), and “university research,” which is separately budgeted under an internal application of institutional funds (see the NSF survey questionnaire).

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