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American Academy of Arts and Sciences Launches Humanities Indicators Prototype


CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – In January, the Academy unveiled the Humanities Indicators, a prototype set of statistical data about the humanities in the United States. This online data set – the first of its kind – attracted extensive attention in the news media and in the blogosphere and the website received more than 250,000 hits originating from 38 countries. The prototype includes 74 indicators and more than 200 tables and charts.

Select coverage of the Humanities Indicators:

The Indicators provide scholars, policymakers, and the public with a comprehensive picture of the state of the humanities, from primary to higher education to public humanities. They will be updated as new information becomes available, including data from a survey administered by the Academy last year to 1,500 college and university humanities departments.




Humanities Indicators

Norman Marshall Bradburn and Robert B. Townsend