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America’s Languages Caucus is Born

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On November 12, the offices of Congressmen David E. Price (D-North Carolina 04) and Don Young (R-All Alaskans) announced the establishment of the Congressional Caucus on America’s Languages.

The mission of the America’s Languages Caucus is to set forth a national strategy to raise awareness about the importance of world language learning and international education, particularly as it relates to the nation’s economic and national security; ensure adequate resources are directed toward the study of world language learning; and focus on improving access for students and educators who wish to participate in these fields of study, including world languages, Native American languages, and English for English learners.

The decision to launch a new America’s Languages Caucus resulted from a 2017 American Academy of Arts and Sciences Commission on Language Learning report, America’s Languages: Investing in Language Education for the 21st Century, which makes clear that the U.S. needs significantly more bilingual and biliterate citizens to help ensure national security, promote economic and job growth, and develop the potential of every U.S. student.

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