Press Release
Spring 2023

New Dædalus on Delivering Humanitarian Health Services in Violent Conflicts


The Spring 2023 issue of Dædalus - the journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences - is “Delivering Humanitarian Health Services in Violent Conflicts.” The guest editors are Jaime Sepúlveda (University of California, San Francisco), Jennifer M. Welsh (McGill University), and Paul H. Wise (Stanford University).

The issue is a timely one. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has unleashed a humanitarian catastrophe, but it is far from the only one. In Ethiopia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen, the erosion of respect for international humanitarian law, combined with intensifying geopolitical competition and the rapidly changing character of modern warfare, has put enormous strain on humanitarian actors. And in the Americas, migrants from South and Central America seeking asylum in the United States and Mexico are targeted by organized criminal networks engaged in human trafficking.

The issue of Dædalus brings a transdisciplinary approach to understanding the dilemmas facing humanitarian health actors and the potential for innovation in humanitarian health delivery. The journal includes essays dedicated to understanding the effects of violent conflicts on humanitarian health and to the evolving challenges confronting responders, as well as the work of visual artists, poets, writers, and photographers whose lives have been shaped by violent conflict and displacement. 

All the content is available online.

This Dædalus issue is a part of the Academy’s project on Rethinking the Humanitarian Health Response to Violent Conflict. Financial support for the project was provided by Louise Henry Bryson and John E. Bryson, the Malcolm Hewitt Wiener Foundation, and The Rockefeller Foundation.

This video with the guest editors highlights themes and goals for this issue:

Jennifer M. Welsh, Paul H. Wise & Jaime Sepúlveda

David Miliband & Ken Sofer

  • Understanding Violent Conflict’s Effects on Humanitarian Health in the Twenty-First Century

Identifying Contemporary Civil Wars’ Effects on Humanitarian Needs, Responses & Outcomes
Anastasia Shesterinina

Humanitarian Challenges of Great Power Conflict: Signs from Ukraine
Lawrence Freedman

Challenges for Ethical Humanitarian Health Responses in Contemporary Conflict Settings
Ana Elisa Barbar

Humanitarian Health Responses in Urban Conflict Zones
Keith Stanski

The Great Evasion: Human Mobility & Organized Crime in Mexico & Its Borders
Sergio Aguayo

  • Evolving Challenges Confronting Humanitarian Health Responders

In Their Shoes: Health Care in Armed Conflict from the Perspective of a Non-State Armed Actor
Ann-Kristin Sjöberg & Mehmet Balci

Governing Data: Relationships, Trust & Ethics in Leveraging Data & Technlogy in Service of Humanitarian Health Delivery
Larissa Fast

Talk is Cheap: Security Council Resolution 2286 & the Protection of Health Care in Armed Conflict
Simon Bagshaw & Emily K. M. Scott

Localizing Responses to Gender-Based Violence: The Case of Women-Led Community-Based Organizations in Jordan
Dima M. Toukan

Localizing the NGO Delivery of Health from the Outside In
Amanda Murdie & Morgan Barney

Paul H. Wise, Jennifer M. Welsh & Jaime Sepúlveda

  • Poetry, Visual Art, Fiction & Creative Nonfiction

Izium and June 10
Sergiy Maidukov

The Morphology of War I
Svitlana Biedarieva

Children from Bogdanovka inside Their Burnt-Out School Bus, Kyiv Region
Mark Neville

how to write a poem about Bucha
Nina Murray

A Bird with One Wing
Bina Shah

Excerpt from The Committed
Viet Thanh Nguyen

Aleppo Diary
Fouad M. Fouad

Swept Away
Tariro Ndoro

An Evacuation
Elliot Ackerman

A survival guide for exiles
ko ko thett

Hajar Hussaini

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