Jonny Stax


For more than twenty years, Jonny Stax has worked with boards of directors, executive leadership, faculty, and staff from local, regional, and national public health and performing arts organizations, as well as academic institutions and social, economic, and environmental justice groups. He earned his Master of Social Work degree in 1998 from University of Washington where he subsequently served on faculty. His work has taken him to Chicago, New York City, Washington, DC, Seattle, and across California, Illinois, and Iowa. He has been published in popular and academic journals and invited to facilitate and keynote for companies and convenings across the country. Mr. Stax is building an art farm in Iowa, a state he can finally call home after begging his Iowa native husband, Scott Bradley, for nearly two decades to move back home. Apparently, they needed to produce large queer rock spectacles in Chicago before settling into the rural life.