Allen F. Isaacman

University of Minnesota
Historian; Academic administrator; Educator
Humanities and Arts

Allen Isaacman is the Regents Professor of History at the University of Minnesota. He is the founder of the African History program at the University and the co-founder of the MacArthur Interdisciplinary Program on Global Change, Sustainability and Justice. The central aim of the MacArthur program is to integrate graduate students and faculty who share common interests and commitments concerning the developing world into an interdisciplinary community of study, discussion, and research. Professor Isaacman was co-editor of two influential book series in the field of African History—the Heinemann Social History of Africa Series and the New African Histories Series of Ohio State Press. Because of his reputation as a scholar and his commitment to Southern Africa, he was invited by the government of Mozambique to be the first professor of Mozambican history at the national university, University Eduardo Mondlane.

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