Angela LaPorte

University of Arkansas School of Art

Angela LaPorte graduated with a Ph.D. in Art Education from the Pennsylvania State University and is a Professor and Head of the Art Education program at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. She has presented numerous papers at state, national, and international conferences, and published many peer-reviewed journal articles on intergenerational, social, and diversity issues in art education. Angela edited and contributed writings to a book published by the National Art Education Association, Community Connections: Intergenerational Links in Art Education. Other examples include an article, “Efficacy of the Arts in a Transdisciplinary Learning Experience for Culturally Diverse Fourth Graders” in the International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education, and a book chapter, “Building Community in Harlem,” in the 2nd edition of Art Culture and Ethnicity. Angela also collaborated with Mel Chin organizing Arkansas art teachers’ involvement with the Fundred Dollar Bill Project culminating in an article, “Fundreds in Arkansas: An Interdisciplinary Collaboration,” published in the journal, Art Education. Her most recent research, “Inverse Inclusion: Transforming Dispositions of Disability and Inclusion,” published in the International Journal of Lifelong Learning in Art Education proposes a new pedagogy for transforming preservice teachers’ dispositions about disability and inclusion. This year at the National Art Education Association Convention, the United States Society for Education through Art honored Angela as a Kenneth Marrantz Distinguished Fellow.

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