Commission on the Arts


Drawing on the expertise of artists, scholars, activists, and leaders, the Commission on the Arts is developing reports, policy recommendations, and public engagements that recognize the essential role of the arts in America. The Commission’s research is focused on arts education and support for the arts and artists.

  • Building on the conviction that the arts play a central role in the lives of young people and further community health, the Commission is studying arts education and its impact on individuals and communities.
  • In this time of upheaval and uncertainty, the Commission is also conducting research that connects the essential role art plays in bridging divisions and fostering community, with the support infrastructure necessary for artists to create and make a living.
  • Parallel to the research, the Commission is actively engaging the public in the creative process.

In 2021, the Commission on the Arts will issue a policy report on civic engagement and economic development, issue a policy report on arts education and inequality, and promote a series of activities that engage the public in understanding and uplifting the arts in America. These efforts are intended to serve as a resource for city and regional governments, departments of arts and culture, school administrators, teachers, parents, students—anybody who is confronted with questions about the value of arts in American life.



Project Chairs
Commission Members

James Cuno

The J. Paul Getty Trust
President and CEO
Academy Member

Brian Kisida

Truman School of Public Affairs at University of Missouri

Tania León

Brooklyn College
Composer; Claire and Leonard Tow Distinguished Professor of Music
Academy Member

Jacqueline Stewart

University of Chicago
Professor of Cinema and Media Studies
Academy Member

Steven Tepper

Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University

Jay Jie Xu

Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Academy Member

Mary Lyons

Program Coordinator for Humanities, Arts, and Culture

Allentza Michel

American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Program Officer for Humanities, Arts, and Culture
News & Updates

News & Updates