Art for Life’s Sake

The Case for Arts Education
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American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Table of Contents

The Arts and Public Education

Prior Research on the Benefits of Arts Education
Access and Gaps in Arts Education
Now Is Our Moment
Sidebar: Arts Education in Our Schools and Communities

The Values of Arts Education

Arts Education Builds Well-Rounded Individuals
Arts Education Broadens Our Understanding of and Appreciation for Other Cultures and Histories
Arts Education Supports Social and Emotional Development
Arts Education Builds Empathy, Reduces Intolerance, and Generates Acceptance of Others
Arts Education Improves School Engagement and Culture
Arts Education Develops Valuable Life and Career Skills
Arts Education Strengthens Community and Civic Engagement

Policy Recommendations

Make the Arts an Important Part of Every Child’s Education
Elevate the Role of the Arts through Data, Research, and Accountability
Ensure Arts Education Funding Is Adequate and Equitable
Recruit, Develop, and Support Arts Educators
Foster Collaboration within the Arts Education Landscape
Restore Federal Leadership in the Arts