Art for Life’s Sake

Appendix B: Stakeholders Consulted

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Commission on the Arts

We are deeply grateful to the many people who shared their expertise with us throughout the development of this report: Adrienne Benjamin, Alice Wexler, Alison Yu, Andy Finch, Benjamin Heinen, Bob Morrison, Cathy Jenson, Charlie Grode, Chiquita Mullins Lee, Claus von Zastrow, Dennie Palmer-Wolf, Don Glass, Eddie Torres, Ellen Winner, Gigi Antoni, Harry Elam, Helen Eaton, Holly Bass, J. Celeste Kee, Jackie Rodgers, James Logan, Jamie Kasper, Jason Anderson, Jeanette McCune, Jenna Gabriel, John Easton, Jordan LaSalle, Ken Elpus, Kristine Alexander, Kylie Peppler, Linda Johnson, Lisa Wong, Lynn Tuttle, Malissa Shriver, Mario Rossero, Marta Cabral, Muna Shami, Narric Rome, Nina Kraus, Paul Sznewajs, Quanice Floyd, Ray Yang, Rebecca Nussbaum, Rona Sebastian, Ruth Mercado-Zizzo, Sarah Hoover, Stanford Thompson, Steven Seidel, Sunil Iyengar, and Tiffany Kerns. We are especially thankful to the young people who shared their experiences and thoughts with us: Carly, Chiamaka, Ian, Jensen, Loie, Piper, and Treya. The narratives that appear in this report were made possible by the efforts of Emma Stack, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Matt Conley at HitRecord, and so many others. Thank you to all who shared their stories with us.