Deborah Loewenberg Ball

University of Michigan
Education scholar and researcher; Educator; Academic administrator
Social and Behavioral Sciences

Scholar and leader in teacher education and development, with a focus on mathematics teaching. Over fifteen years she led a practice-based research program on mathematical knowledge for teaching, and the development of now widely used measures that were used to establish links to the mathematical quality of instruction, and to students' achievement gains. Another strand of her work is a conceptual analysis of the work of teaching and the problems of teacher education. This has specified a list of high leverage practices, on the basis of which the teacher education program at University of Michigan was fundamentally reconceived, and implemented, through her leadership as School of Education dean. She founded and directs a national institute, TeachingWorks, whose aims include creation of a national licensure for teaching, comparable with those in other high performance professions. Gifted teacher and communicator, who is regularly invited to give major addresses to diverse professional organizations, here and abroad. Education trustee of the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (Berkeley) and member of the National Science Board.

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