Michelene T.H. Chi

Arizona State University
Education specialist; Educator
Social and Behavioral Sciences

Michelene T.H. Chi is a cognitive and learning science researcher interested in active learning, defined as ways in which students engage with the learning materials. She has developed a framework for active learning called ICAP that differentiates students' overt engagement activities into four kinds: collaborative/Interactive, generative/Constructive, manipulative/Active, and attentive/Passive, and predicts that I>C>A>P. Professor Chi is also interested in instructional videos for online learning and proposes that videos of tutorial dialogues are more effective for student learning than didactic monologue videos. Her research centers on students' learning of concepts in STEM domains focusing on "emergent" concepts for which students hold robust misconceptions.

Professor Chi is the director of the Learning and Cognition Lab at ASU. One of her research projects involves devising and implementing a professional development module for teachers to create lesson activities that promote greater and deeper learning and facilitate certain modes of engagement behaviors in students. The framework that her team provides is based on previous empirical work that demonstrates the success of designing activities that foster types of engagement that they identify. The goal is to implement these modules remotely so that teachers design activities within their lesson plans tailored to specific disciplines such as courses in science.

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