Forum on the Future of Higher Education 2022

Jun 13-16, 2022 |
Aspen, CO
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In June 2022, the Academy convened its first inaugural Higher Education Forum in Aspen, Colorado. (This was the Academy's first opportunity to host. Learn more about the Forum at the Academy here.)

The three-day conference provided opportunities for more than ninety higher education experts and leaders -- including university presidents, provosts, and academic deans from many of the Academy’s Affiliate institutions -- to engage in discussions on topics such as democracy and trust, equity and inclusion, as well as what the COVID-19 pandemic has meant to higher education. 

At the Forum meeting, members of two of the Academy’s major commissions –the Commission on Reimagining Our Economy and the Commission on Accelerating Climate Action–discussed with the attendees ways in which higher education can address the nation’s economic conditions and the health of our democracy as well as climate change.

The meeting included discussions with experts who spoke on topics that intersect with higher education and present-day challenges, such as the effects of poverty on the young brain, misinformation about the war in Ukraine, and the complex ways in which social mobility and higher education interact.

By design, speakers and attendees challenged one another to explore differing views and opinions of some of the pressing issues in higher education that are present on college and university campuses and throughout society. Future events will continue these important conversations.