Rebecca M. Blank

University of Michigan Ford School of Public Policy
Ann Arbor, MI
Economist; Public policy scholar; Educator; Academic administrator
Leadership, Policy, and Communications
Public Affairs and Public Policy
Chancellor Emeritus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Research: How macroeconomic factors interact with labor markets and government policy to affect economic wellbeing particularly among lower-income households. Served as Acting U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Deputy U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Undersecretary for Economic Affairs, member of the Council of Economic Advisors and on National Academy of Science panels. Analyzed policies for promoting social welfare, especially for anti-poverty programs. Books include Changing Inequality, Measuring Racial Discrimination (with Marilyn Dabady and Connie Citro), Is the Market Moral? A Dialogue on Religion, Economics, and Justice (with William McGurn), It Takes A Nation: A New Agenda for Fighting Poverty, and Do Justice: Linking Christian Faith and Modern Economic Life.
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