Arms Control, Disarmament and National Security


The Academy convened a series of conferences and programs that led to the seminal 1960 special issue of Dædalus on arms control, which President John F. Kennedy subsequently called the “Bible” on the subject.

The volume was designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of arms control as a means of reducing the risk of nuclear war and improving national security. Read extensively by scientists and government leaders, the Dædalus issue helped fashion an intellectual framework for the fledgling area of nuclear weapons arms control. The authors hoped the compendium of knowledgeable and responsible opinion would inform and stimulate work necessary to move toward a more peaceful world.

Since the publication of that Dædalus issue, and its subsequent publication in book form, the Academy has remained a leading source of scholarship in the study of nuclear nonproliferation and international security challenges. The work continues today through the Committee on International Security Studies that guides the Academy's Global Security and International Affairs program

Also: Arms Control, Disarmament and National Security, ed. Donald G. Brennan. New York: George Braziller, Inc., 1961. (out of print) by Principal Investigator  Donald G. Brennan (MIT).



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