A Book on the History of the Academy


The Academy has commissioned a book history to mark its 250th anniversary in 2030. The book will offer a clear-eyed assessment of the Academy's contributions as well as its failings, and position the organization within the larger development and application of knowledge from 1780 to today. 

Jacqueline Jones, the Ellen C. Temple Chair in Women’s History Emerita at the University of Texas at Austin, has been selected as the author for the publication. The volume will be shaped by research within and beyond the Academy's Archives. The volume will be developed in consultation with the Advisory Committee. 

In parallel, the Academy has launched a new feature on its website about the organizations history. The history sectionwhich includes an overview of membership and work, as well as a timeline with milestonesprovides initial information and creates a foundation on which to add new insights and materials as they become available.



Advisory Committee

Jacqueline Jones

University of Texas at Austin
Walter Prescott Webb Chair in History and Ideas
Academy Member
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News & Updates