Advancing a People-First Economy

Overview of Recommendations

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Commission on Reimagining Our Economy


  1. Redesign safety nets to ensure stability.
  2. Adopt inclusionary zoning policies to increase the housing supply.
  3. Reform childcare and health care to lower costs and facilitate benefit portability.
  4. Expand access to low-cost banking for low-income Americans.

Opportunity and Mobility

  1. Remove regulations preventing people from participating in the labor market.
  2. Bolster worker training and education pathways through private-sector upskilling and a strengthened community college system.
  3. Extend to Black World War II veterans and their descendants the housing and education benefits they were denied under the 1944 GI Bill.
  4. Expand broadband connectivity for rural, tribal, and underserved urban areas.
  5. Allow states or municipalities to sponsor immigrants to boost their economies (Community Partnership Visas).


  1. Create a training and financing program to help working-class Americans run for political office.
  2. Deconcentrate economic power.
  3. Revise the tax code to incentivize work and end tax policies that benefit the wealthy.
  4. Support tribal governmental infrastructure to advance Native American self-determination.
  5. Facilitate the creation of robust local and community media.
  6. Promote economic connectedness.