Climate Change Security Risks and Opportunities

Common Barriers to Climate Action

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Commission on Accelerating Climate Action

In addition to the barriers addressed above, several common shortcomings and impediments must also be overcome to enable effective climate action. These include misinformation, lack of trust in government agencies, inadequate funding, ineffective communication among grant-funded mitigation efforts, and an absence of master planning strategies. Community-development block grants are also insufficient to meet apparent community needs. Furthermore, institutions and officials operating at the national and regional levels often fail to capitalize on the qualities of local institutions—such as competence, influence, and the respect of local stakeholders—that might help generate confidence in data-driven climate solutions and transform scattered local successes into a national strategy.

As this commission moves forward with its work, we will continue to revisit the barriers to effective climate action. The regions selected as case studies for this white paper remain under increasing climate strain. However, that strain is broadening awareness of the dire consequences of inaction. And that awareness can create opportunities for coherent action and stimulate willingness to overcome barriers to implementing meaningful policy and outcomes.