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RG I-B-2: General records. Unbound Correspondence

Letters and other documents received by the American Academy from Members, other learned societies and institutions, and the general public from its founding to the earliest 20th century, that were not bound with other correspondence.



Historical Note

The Academy has received letters, announcements, and other forms of correspondence since the founding in 1780. All such correspondence was the responsibility of the Corresponding Secretary, one of the original officers of the Academy. Beginning sometime in the late 1800s, incoming letters were pasted into bound scrapbooks, which the Academy referred to as “letterbooks.” This practice continued until 1988, when staff began saving correspondence in folders.

However, the materials contained in this sub-series were not bound into large volumes like those found in the Bound Letterbooks subseries. Records indicate that these letters were housed separately.

For the period 1780 to 1936, the Presidents of the Academy were James Bowdoin (1780-1790); John Adams (1791-1814); Edward Augustus Holyoke (1814-1820); John Quincy Adams (1820-1829); Nathaniel Bowditch (1829-1838); James Jackson (1838-1839); John Pickering (1839-1846); Jacob Bigelow (1846-1863); Asa Gray (1863-1873); Charles Francis Adams (1873-1880); Joseph Lovering (1880-1892); Josiah Parsons Cooke (1892-1894); Alexander Emmanuel Rodolph Agassiz (1894-1903); William Watson Goodwin (1903-1908); John Trowbridge (1908-1915); Henry Pickering Walcott (1915-1917); Charles Pickering Bowditch (1917-1919); Theodore William Richards (1919-1921); George Foot Moore (1921-1924); Theodore Lyman (1924-1927); Edwin Bidwell Wilson (1927-1931); Jeremiah Denis Mathias Ford (1931-1933); George Howard Parker (1933-1935); Roscoe Pound (1935-1937).

The Corresponding Secretaries were Joseph Willard (1780-1789); Eliphalet Pearson (1789-1802); John Quincy Adams (1802-1809); Josiah Quincy (1809-1823); John Pickering (1823-1824); Edward Everett (1824-1829); Jacob Bigelow (1829-1831); Francis Calley Gray (1831-1837); John Pickering (1837-1839); Charles Folsom (1839-1844); Asa Gray (1844-1850); Augustus Addison Gould (1850-1852); Asa Gray (1852-1863); William Barton Rogers (1863-1869); Joseph Lovering (1869-1873); Josiah Parsons Cooke (1873-1892); Charles Loring Jackson (1892-1896); Samuel Hubbard Scudder (1896-1900); William Morris Davis (1900-1904); Edwin Herbert Hall (1904-1915); Harry Walter Tyler (1915-1924); Norton A. Kent (1924-1926); Robert P. Bigelow (1926-1930); Tenney Lombard Davis (1930-1937).

Scope and Content

The series of letterbooks in its entirety includes letters from newly-elected members, formally accepting their elections; communications with other learned societies (especially, invitations to attend meetings or send representatives to official events, and offers to exchange publications); correspondence concerning gifts of books, maps, and natural history specimens; and inquiries from members and non-members regarding the submission and publication of articles.

The first subseries consists primarily of letters from individuals accepting election to the Academy or transmitting copies of scholarly research and inquiries. Letters of acceptance from some of the Academy’s earliest Foreign Honorary Members, as well as from George Washington, are included in this subseries. Also of note is the proposed plan for the Smithsonian Institution from 1847.

The second subseries is comprised of announcements, correspondence, invitations, and programs related to celebrations, inaugurations, conferences, and other events dating from 1929 to 1936.


64 folders contained within one document case, Box 0577.1, and one flat file drawer, FF01 (1.0 linear feet)


These records are organized into two subseries: general correspondence and invitations. Materials are arranged chronologically in each subseries. Two oversized documents have been removed to oversized storage.

Preferred Citation

[Item title, date]. RG I-B-2: General records. Unbound correspondence, 1781-1936. Archives, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Cambridge, Massachusetts.




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Folder 01

Letter from DeMarbois [François, Marquis de Barbé-Marbois] to [Joseph Willard], 1781 March 20; Philadelphia.

Acknowledges election to the Academy.

Creator:  Barbé-Marbois, François, marquis de, 1745-1837; elected 1781, FHM
Language: French

Image:  /archives/006000.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006000.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006000.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006000.004.jpg

Folder 02

Letter from Anne [Cesar] de la Luzerne to [Joseph Willard], 1781 March 20; Philadelphia.

Acknowledges election to the Academy.

Creator:  La Luzerne, Anne-César, chevalier de, 1741-1791; elected 1781, FHM
Language:  French

Image:  /archives/006005.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006005.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006005.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006005.004.jpg

Folder 03

Letter from George Washington to Joseph Willard, 1781 March 22; New Windsor.

Acknowledges election to the Academy.

Creator:  Washington, George, 1732-1799; elected 1781

Image:  /archives/006010.001.jpg


Folder 04

Letter from Richard Price to [Joseph Willard], 1781 July 21; Newington Green [England].

Notice of communication to the Royal Society of the establishment of the Academy; author supports the endeavor. Notes areas of scientific interest among those in the Royal Society on the work of Herschel and Priestley.

Creator:  Price, Richard, 1723-1791; elected 1782, FHM
Related documents:  RG I-B-1 Volume 01, p. 11

Image:  /archives/006015.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006015.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006015.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006015.004.jpg


Folder 05

Letter from Jean le Rond d’Alembert to [Joseph Willard], 1781 December 11; Paris.

Acknowledges election to the Academy.

Creator:  Alembert, Jean Le Rond d’, 1717-1783; elected 1781, FHM
Language:  French

Image:  /archives/006020.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006020.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006020.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006020.004.jpg

Folder 06

Letters from Francois Jean, Marquis de Chastellux to [Joseph Willard], 1781-1782.

Four letters, including letter acknowledging election to the Academy.

Creator:  Chastellux, François Jean, marquis de, 1734-1788; elected 1781, FHM
Language:  French

Image:  /archives/006025.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006025.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006025.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006025.004.jpg

Image:  /archives/006026.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006026.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006026.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006026.004.jpg
Image:  /archives/006026.005.jpg
Image:  /archives/006026.007.jpg
Image:  /archives/006026.008.jpg
Image:  /archives/006026.009.jpg

Image:  /archives/006027.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006027.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006027.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006027.004.jpg

Image:  /archives/006028.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006028.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006028.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006028.004.jpg

Image:  /archives/006029.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006029.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006029.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006029.004.jpg

Folder 07

Letter from Antoine Court de Gébelin to [Joseph Willard], 1782 January 24; Paris.

Acknowledges election to the Academy. Discusses his beliefs about the ancient world and his desire to establish connections between scholarly organizations in America and Europe.

Creator:  Court de Gébelin, Antoine, 1725-1784; elected 1781, FHM
Language:  French

Image:  /archives/006030.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006030.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006030.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006030.004.jpg

Folder 08

Letter from Leonhard Euler to Joseph Willard, 1782 March 11.

Acknowledges election to the Academy.

Creator:  Euler, Leonhard, 1707-1783; elected 1782, FHM
Language:  Latin

Image:  /archives/006035.001.jpg


Folder 09

Letter from [Pehr Willhelm] Wargentin to [Joseph Willard], 1782 May 21; Stockholm.

Acknowledges election to the Academy.

Creator:  Wargentin, Pehr, 1717-1783; elected 1781, FHM
Language:  Latin

Image:  /archives/006040.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006040.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006040.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006040.004.jpg

Folder 10

Letter from [Edme-Sébastien] Jeaurat, 1782 September 8; Paris.

Transmits with letter the memoirs of the Royal Academy of Sciences.

Creator:  Jeaurat, Edme-Sébastien, 1725-1803; elected 1783, FHM
Language:  French

Image:  /archives/006045.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006045.002.jpg

Folder 11

Letter from Richard Price, 1783 May 15; Newington Green.

Forwards with a merchant two volumes to be presented before the Academy. Extends congratulations on the end of the war.

Creator:  Price, Richard, 1723-1791; elected 1782, FHM

Image:  /archives/006050.001.jpg

Folder 12

Letter from [Benjamin] Waterhouse to James Bowdoin, 1783 May 27; Boston.

Asks whether the presentation of his paper on epidemics prevents it being made public.

Creator:  Waterhouse, Benjamin, 1754-1846; elected 1795

Image:  /archives/006055.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006055.002.jpg

Letter from R. Fitz to Ms. Ball, ca. 1942; Boston.

Refers to Benjamin Waterhouse manuscript and asks for it to be transferred to him for publication; mentions permission granted at meeting dated January 14, 1942.

Creator:  Fitz, Reginald, 1885-1953; elected 1933

Image:  /archives/006056.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006056.002.jpg

Notes about the Waterhouse manuscript written on envelope from Robert Payne Bigelow to Hudson Hoagland, ca. 1942.

Creator:  [unknown]

Image:  /archives/006057.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006057.002.jpg

Folder 13

Letter from [Thomas] Brand Hollis to [Joseph Willard], 1783 August 15; The Hide.

Acknowledges election to the Academy.

Creator:  Hollis, Thomas Brand, 1719-1804; elected 1782, FHM

Image:  /archives/006060.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006060.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006060.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006060.004.jpg

Folder 14

Letter from [Edme-Sébastien] Jeaurat to Joseph Willard, 1783 August 25; A l’observatoire.

Acknowledges election to the Academy.

Creator:  Jeaurat, Edme-Sébastien, 1725-1803; elected 1783, FHM
Language: French

Image:  /archives/006065.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006065.002.jpg

Folder 15

Letter from [Thomas] Brand Hollis to [Joseph Willard], 1783 September 3; The Hide.

Transmits with letter the memoirs of the author’s friend Thomas Hollis; gives opinion on the Academy.

Creator:  Hollis, Thomas Brand, 1719-1804; elected 1782, FHM

Image:  /archives/006070.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006070.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006070.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006070.004.jpg

Folder 16

Letter from Richard Price, 1783 October 6; Newington Green.

Acknowledges election to the Academy; details observations “on the new planet” [Uranus].

Creator:  Price, Richard, 1723-1791; elected 1782, FHM

Image:  /archives/006075.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006075.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006075.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006075.004.jpg

Folder 17

Letter from J[oseph] Priestley, 1785 June 23; Birmingham, [England].

Acknowledges election to the Academy.

Creator:  Priestley, Joseph, 1733-1804; elected 1782, FHM

Image:  /archives/006080.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006080.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006080.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006080.004.jpg


Folder 18

Letter from Edward Augustus Holyoke to Joseph Willard, 1788 November 8; Salem.

Encloses with letter “An Estimate of the Excess of Heat and Cold”.

Creator:  Holyoke, Edward Augustus, 1728-1829; Charter Member
Related documents:  Memoirs Vol II: “An Estimate of the Heat and Cold”

Image:  /archives/006085.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006085.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006085.003.jpg

Folder 19

Letter from Edward Augustus Holyoke to Caleb Gannett, 1789 July 6; Salem.

Encloses a paper sent to him for review and edits; notes a need for confirmation of some data.

Creator:  Holyoke, Edward Augustus, 1728-1829; Charter Member

Image:  /archives/006090.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006090.002.jpg

Folder 20

Letter from “An American” to Joseph Willard, 1789 August.
Read at Stated Meeting, 1789 July 19.

Encloses a communication for review: “Proposal for adjusting a new scale to the Mercurial Thermometer”.

Image:  /archives/006095.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006095.002.jpg

Folder 21

Letter from [Eliphalet] Pearson to John Churchman, 1792 March 5; Cambridge.

Notes presentation of Churchman’s theory of “The probability of determining Longitude from the variation of the needle”.

Creator:  Pearson, Eliphalet, 1752-1826; elected 1781

Image:  /archives/006100.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006100.002.jpg

Folder 22

Letter from John Adams to [Joseph] Willard, 1793 [1794?] January 1.
Read at Stated Meeting, 1794 January 29.

Encloses a communication on agriculture.

Creator:  Adams, John, 1735-1826; Charter Member

Image:  /archives/006105.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006105.002.jpg

Folder 23

Letter from [John Coakley] Lettsom to Joseph Willard, 1793 February 1; London.

Transmits academic papers and the third volume of a memoir; refers to the possibility of Professor Blumenbach being admitted into the Academy. Refers to the death of King Louis XVI.

Creator:  Lettsom, John Coakley, 1744-1815; elected 1788, FHM

Image:  /archives/006110.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006110.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006110.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006110.004.jpg

Folder 24

Letter from David Townsend to Dr. Warren, 1794 January 28; Boston.

Encloses “remarks” for review.

Creator:  Townsend, David

Image:  /archives/006115.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006115.002.jpg

Folder 25

Letter from John Adams to [Manasseh] Cutler, 1794 March 11.

Encloses a letter from a Mr. Taylor.

Creator:  Adams, John, 1735-1826; Charter Member

Image:  /archives/006120.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006120.002.jpg

Folder 26

Letter from [Johann Friedrich] Blumenbach, 1795 November 29; Goettingen.

Notification of election to the Royal Society of Goettingen; encloses a communication.

Creator:  Blumenbach, Johann Friedrich, 1752-1840; elected 1794, FHM

Image:  /archives/006125.001.jpg

Folder 27

Letter from Edward Augustus Holyoke, [ca. 1815].

Writes of the discussion regarding rain levels in higher and lower elevations; encloses a paper for review.

Creator:  Holyoke, Edward Augustus, 1728-1829; Charter Member

Image:  /archives/006135.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006135.002.jpg

Folder 28

Letter from Joseph Lyman to Thomas L. Winthrop, 1816 January 11; Hartfield.

Explains inability to pay membership dues for the Academy.

Creator: Lyman, Joseph, 1749-1828; elected 1804

Image:  /archives/006140.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006140.002.jpg

Folder 29

Letter from John Sinclair (Baronet), 1817 May 30; Picadilly.

Submits a pamphlet on an aspect of “a new mode of Literary investigation… ‘The Codean system of Literature’: making extensive inquiries ‘the basis of condensed information’”.

Creator:  Sinclair, John, Sir, 1754-1835; elected 1797, FHM

Image:  /archives/006145.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006145.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006145.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006145.004.jpg

Pamphlet, “Description of an engraving, entitled, ‘The Pyramid of Agricultural Inquiries,’ explanatory of ‘The Codean System of Literature,’” [ca. 1817].

Argues for the practice of reducing vast quantities of statistical information into usable format for a broader audience.

Creator:  Sinclair, John, Sir, 1754-1835; elected 1797, FHM

Image:  /archives/006146.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006146.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006146.003.jpg

Folder 30

Letter from [Franz Xaver, Freiherr von] Zach to Nathaniel Bowditch, 1824 September 1; Genes.

Transmits with letter the author’s “Correspondance Astronomique”.

Creator:  Zach, Franz Xaver, Freiherr von, 1754-1832; elected 1798, FHM
Language: French

Image:  /archives/006150.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006150.002.jpg

Folder 31

Letter from [Jonathan] Leonard to Edward Everett, 1825 May 4; Canton.
Read at Stated Meeting, 1825 May 24.

Details the author’s lead mine opening in Easton; details the history of the mine.

Creator:  Leonard, Jonathan

Image:  /archives/006155.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006155.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006155.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006155.004.jpg

Folder 32

Letter from American Philosophical Society (Robert Walsh, Secretary) to John T. Kirkland, 1826 July 11.

Expresses regret at the passing of John Adams.

Creator:  American Philosophical Society

Image:  /archives/006160.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006160.002.jpg

Copy of letter from [Robert P. Bigelow] to Roger Bigelow Merriman, 1927 April 21.

Thanks the Massachusetts Historical Society for the letter of the American Philosophical Society dated 1826 July 11.

Creator:  Bigelow, Robert Payne, 1863-1955; elected 1914

Image:  /archives/006161.001.jpg

Folder 33

Letter from Edward Everett to Nathaniel Bowditch, 1828 June 10; Boston.

Encloses a communication [unknown].

Creator:  Everett, Edward, 1794-1865; elected 1820

Image:  /archives/006165.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006165.002.jpg

Folder 34

Advertisement for “Thoughts on Currency and the means of Promoting National Prosperity, by the adoption of ‘An Improved Circulation,’ founded on the security of solid property, and adapted to the wants and necessities of the country”; 1829.

Includes Table of Contents for title.

Creator:  Sinclair, John, Sir, 1754-1835; elected 1797, FHM

Image:  /archives/006170.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006170.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006170.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006170.004.jpg

Folder 35

Pamphlet, “Hints on the Dangerous Tendency of what is called ‘The Free Trade System,’” [1829].

Creator:  Sinclair, John, Sir, 1754-1835; elected 1797, FHM

Image:  /archives/006175.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006175.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006175.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006175.004.jpg
Image:  /archives/006175.005.jpg
Image:  /archives/006175.006.jpg
Image:  /archives/006175.007.jpg

Folder 36

Pamphlet, “On the great advantages likely to be derived in the East and West Indies, by transferring the processes employed in the manufacture of Potatoe [sic] Flour, to the preparation of Cassava, for Human Food”, 1829 June 17; Brown’s Hotel, Palace Yard, Westminster.

Includes introductory letter from Sinclair to the heads of the East India Company, as well as brief essay on “Hints on the means of preserving health; more peculiarly applicable to hot climates”.

Creator:  Sinclair, John, Sir, 1754-1835; elected 1797, FHM

Image:  /archives/006180.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006180.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006180.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006180.004.jpg
Image:  /archives/006180.005.jpg
Image:  /archives/006180.006.jpg
Image:  /archives/006180.007.jpg
Image:  /archives/006180.008.jpg
Image:  /archives/006180.009.jpg
Image:  /archives/006180.010.jpg
Image:  /archives/006180.011.jpg
Image:  /archives/006180.012.jpg

Folder 37

Letter from Sir John Sinclair, 1829 July 1; Brown’s Hotel, Palace Yard, Westminster.

Transmits a paper entitled “The Bitter Casava”.

Creator:  Sinclair, John, Sir, 1754-1835; elected 1797, FHM

Image:  /archives/006185.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006185.002.jpg

Folder 38

Letter from Redford Webster to [Thomas L. Winthrop], 1830 November 25; Boston.

In response to a circular, writes that he has never considered himself a member of the Academy.

Creator:  Webster, Redford, 1761-1833; elected 1810

Image:  /archives/006190.001.jpg

Folder 39

Letter from John Pickering to Nathaniel Bowditch, 1832 May 19; Boston.

Urges the Academy to pursue publishing Rev. Sebastian Rasle’s “Systematic Orthography for the Indian Languages” and encloses a sample of the work in support [not present].

Creator: Pickering, John, 1777-1846; elected 1810

Image:  /archives/006195.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006195.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006195.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006195.004.jpg

Folder 40

Letter from [Augustus Allen] Hayes to John Pickering, 1837 September 21; Roxbury Observatory.

On the observations of Mr. Draper regarding the effects of various gases on plants.

Creator:  Hayes, Augustus A. (Augustus Allen), 1806-1882; elected 1838

Image:  /archives/006205.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006205.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006205.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006205.004.jpg

Folder 41

Letter from John Ware to John Pickering, 1842 December 15; Boston.

Encloses a letter communication from D[avid] Humphreys Storer dated 1842 November 26.

Creator:  Ware, John, 1795-1864; elected 1823

Image:  /archives/006210.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006210.002.jpg

Letter from D[avid] Humphreys Storer to [John] Ware, 1842 November 26; Boston.

Details his plans to study and redescribe species of fish of Massachusetts in the Academy’s Transactions [Memoirs].

Creator:  Storer, David Humphreys, 1804-1891; elected 1837
Related documents:  Publications. Memoirs. “A History of the Fishes of Massachusetts”, illustrations.

Image:  /archives/006211.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006211.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006211.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006211.004.jpg

Folder 42

Letter from George Livermore to [Asa] Gray, 1864 July 19; Boston.

Offers his service to the academy, in particular to the office of Treasurer.

Creator:  Livermore, George, 1809-1865; elected 1855

Image:  /archives/006215.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006215.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006215.003.jpg

Folder 43

Pamphlet, “General considerations which should serve as a guide in adopting a plan of organization [for the Smithsonian]”, [1847].

Creator:  Smithsonian Institution

Image:  /archives/006220.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006220.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006220.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006220.004.jpg

Folder 44

Letter from James Melville Gilliss, 1847 October 22; Washington.

Submits paper on finding the solar parallax [not present] and a proposed expedition.

Creator:  Gilliss, J. M. (James Melville), 1811-1865; elected 1861, Associate Fellow
Related documents:  Folder 46; RG XXI Folder 39

Image:  /archives/006225.001.jpg

Folder 45

Letter from Edward Hitchcock to Asa Gray, 1848 February 11; Amherst.

Discusses publication of his communication, “An Attempt to discriminate and describe the Animals that made the Fossil Footmarks in this country”, now a 116-page manuscript; encloses one outline sketch as example.

Creator:  Hitchcock, Edward, 1793-1864; elected 1834

Image:  /archives/006230.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006230.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006230.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006230.004.jpg

Letter from Edward Hitchcock to Asa Gray, 1848 February 29; Amherst.

Discusses outline plates for “Footmarks” manuscript, and states that he will send them shortly. Also discusses additional sketches for wood-cuts and associated production costs.

Creator:  Hitchcock, Edward, 1793-1864; elected 1834

Image:  /archives/006231.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006231.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006231.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006231.004.jpg

Letter from Edward Hitchcock to Asa Gray, 1848 April 3; Amherst.

A similar account by Mr. Marks on footmarks necessitate changes to his manuscript and plates; requests update on costs for sketches.

Creator:  Hitchcock, Edward, 1793-1864; elected 1834
Related documents:  “An Attempt to Discriminate and Describe the Animals That Made the Fossil Footmarks of the United States, and Especially of New England.” Memoirs, Volume 3 (1848): 129-256

Image:  /archives/006232.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006232.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006232.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006232.004.jpg

Folder 46

Letter from [John Young] Mason to Asa Gray, 1848 August 30; Navy Department.

Invites advice on the departure of Lieut. Gilliss, travelling as a result of appropriations from Congress; includes envelope with Navy wax seal.

Creator:  Mason, John Y. (John Young), 1799-1859
Related documents:  Folder 44; RG XXI Folder 39

Image:  /archives/006235.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006235.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006235.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006235.004.jpg
Image:  /archives/006235.005.jpg

Folder 47

Letter from John Locke, 1850 June 4; Cincinnati.

Expresses concern that his name is omitted from discussion and publications on the new Electrochronograph; offers annotations for the previously printed Appendix.

Creator:  Locke, John, 1792-1856

Image:  /archives/006240.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006240.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006240.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006240.004.jpg

Folder 48

Advertisement for “Natural History of the State of New York”, [1851].

Includes transmittal enclosure.

Creator:  D. Appleton and Company; Wiley & Putnam

Image:  /archives/006245.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006245.002.jpg

Folder 49

Letter from William Sharswood, 1858 September 21; Philadelphia.

Letter gives price list for magnets; proposes study on properties of phosphoric acid.

Creator:  Sharswood, William

Image:  /archives/006250.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006250.002.jpg

Folder 50

Letter from Justus [Freiherr von] Liebig, 1864 April 8; Berlin.

Regarding the fiftieth anniversary of Karl Friedrich Philipp von Martius (1794-1868; elected 1845, FHM) graduating with a degree in medicine.

Creator:  Liebig, Justus, Freiherr von, 1803-1873; elected 1843, FHM
Language:  German

Image:  /archives/006255.001.jpg

Folder 51

Advertisement for the 1873 Nov 14 lecture of Professor J. D. William on his voyages, [after 1873 November 14].

Handwritten note at bottom in unknown hand states that “Dr. William is a swindler” and gives an account. Included is an invitation to the Conferences Geographiques et Ethnographiques.

Creator:  William, J. D.
Language:  German, French, English

Image:  /archives/006260.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006260.002.jpg

Folder 52

Letter from Rudolf Buchholz to Der Nova Anglica Universitas, 1878 August 14; Bromberg [Prussia].

[Requests information about universities in New England?]

Creator:  Buchholz, Rudolf
Language:  German

Image:  /archives/006265.004.jpg
Image:  /archives/006265.005.jpg

Folder 53

Letter from [Hermann Julius George] Rumler, 1878 August 18; Wiesbaden [Germany].

Mistakenly addressed to the New England University of Arts and Sciences. Discusses his receipt of fraudulent medical diploma and papers; mentions the sale of probable forgeries.

Creator:  Rumler, Hermann Julius George

Image:  /archives/006270.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006270.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006270.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006270.004.jpg
Image:  /archives/006270.005.jpg
Image:  /archives/006270.006.jpg
Image:  /archives/006270.007.jpg

Folder 54

Letter from Thomas T. Everett, 1883 March 10; Harrisburg [PA].

Returns a communication that was sent to the office of the governor of Pennsylvania for Prof. Cross.

Creator:  Everett, Thomas T.

Image:  /archives/006275.001.jpg

Folder 55

Letter from J. Joyce to “the Dean of the New England University of Arts & Sciences”, 1883 May 22; Auburn, IL.

Enquires after the cost of a medical diploma required for practicing medicine in Illinois and California.

Creator:  Joyce, J.

Image:  /archives/006280.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006280.002.jpg

Folder 56

Pamphlet, 1884.

Announces the American Exhibition of the Arts, Manufactures, Products and Resources of the United States of America to be held in London in 1886. States intent of exhibition, prints letters of support, lists council and committee members, and lists intended exhibitors and regulations.
Note: From Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Vol. 20 (May, 1884-May, 1885), pp. 505, at 775th Stated Meeting on 10/8/1884, note that C.B. Norton sent letter “enclosing documents relating to a proposed American exhibition to be held in London in 1886.”

Creator: American Exhibition (1887 : London, England)

The American Exhibition (London, 1886): Public Opinion in Great Britain and the United States, 1884.

Pamphlet prints extracts from the press, inclusive to August 4, 1884.

Note: From Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Vol. 20 (May, 1884-May, 1885), pp. 505, at 775th Stated Meeting on 10/8/1884, note that C.B. Norton sent letter “enclosing documents relating to a proposed American exhibition to be held in London in 1886.”

Creator: American Exhibition (1887 : London, England)

Folder 57

Letter from Princeton University (Francis Landey Patton, President), 1896 Jan 1.

Invitation to Princeton University’s Sesquicentennial Celebration of Founding.

Creator:  Patton, Francis L. (Francis Landey), 1843-1932
Related documents:  RG I-B-1 Volume 11, p. 13

Folder 58

Letter from John J. McCarthy, 190[0] July 14; Knockanemore, Ovens, Co. Cork.

Encloses something submitted for review [not present].

Creator:  McCarthy, John J.

Image:  /archives/006290.001.jpg

Folder 59

Letter from James Lindsay to Samuel Hubbard Scudder, 1900 October 30; Kilmarnock, Scotland.

Encloses a list of publications by the author; requests consideration for Foreign Honorary Member.

Creator:  Lindsay, James [(1856-1923)]

Image:  /archives/006294.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006294.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006294.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006294.004.jpg

Folder 60

Letters between A. W. Elson & Company to Charles P. Bowditch et al., 1918-1919; Belmont and Boston.

Correspondence regarding the creation of membership certificates for Foreign Honorary Members.

Creator:  A.W. Elson & Co.; Bowditch, Charles Pickering, 1842-1921 (elected 1892)

Image:  /archives/006295.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006295.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006295.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006295.004.jpg
Image:  /archives/006295.005.jpg
Image:  /archives/006295.006.jpg
Image:  /archives/006295.007.jpg
Image:  /archives/006295.008.jpg
Image:  /archives/006295.009.jpg
Image:  /archives/006295.010.jpg
Image:  /archives/006295.011.jpg
Image:  /archives/006295.012.jpg

Folder 61

Letter from J. Davenport Fisher, n.d.

Gives apologies for absence. Transmits pressings; dried botanical pressings present [fragile].

Creator:  Fisher, J. Davenport

Image:  /archives/006310.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006310.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006310.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006310.004.jpg

FLAT FILE Folder 01

“An Experimental Study of Some Magnetic Fields” by [Francis H. Williams], 1931 June 15.

Paper detailing experiments designed to show impact of sound waves on magnetic fields, producing an electric current. Includes 3 sheets of diagrams and transmittal note.

Creator:  [Williams, Francis H.]

Map of the peninsula between Delaware Bay and Chesepeak [sic] Bay by [John Churchman], n.d.

Note: Possibly “To the American Philosophical Society, this map of the peninsula between Delaware & Chesopeak bays, with the said bays and shores adjacent drawn from the most accurate surveys is humbly inscribed by John Churchman,” ca. 1786?

Creator:  [Churchman, John, 1753-1805]


Folders 62-64

Materials (invitations, announcements, programs, and correspondence) related to celebrations, inaugurations, conferences, and other events, 1929-1936.

Letters of introduction, 1929

Image:  /archives/006350.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006360.001.jpg

Anniversary of the founding of l’Academie de Toulouse, [ca. 1929]

Image:  /archives/006355.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006355.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006355.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006355.004.jpg
Image:  /archives/006355.005.jpg

University of London, Bloomsbury site dedication, 1933

Image:  /archives/006365.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.004.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.005.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.006.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.007.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.008.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.009.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.010.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.011.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.012.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.013.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.014.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.015.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.016.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.017.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.018.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.019.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.020.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.021.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.022.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.023.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.024.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.025.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.026.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.027.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.028.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.029.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.030.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.031.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.032.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.033.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.034.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.035.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.036.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.037.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.038.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.039.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.040.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.041.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.042.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.043.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.044.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.045.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.046.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.047.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.048.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.049.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.050.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.051.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.052.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.053.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.054.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.055.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.056.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.057.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.058.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.059.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.060.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.061.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.062.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.063.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.064.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.065.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.066.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.067.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.068.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.069.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.070.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.071.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.072.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.073.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.074.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.075.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.076.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.077.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.078.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.079.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.080.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.081.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.082.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.083.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.084.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.085.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.086.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.087.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.088.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.089.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.090.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.091.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.092.jpg
Image:  /archives/006365.093.jpg

University of London centenary celebration, 1936

Image:  /archives/006370.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006370.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006370.003.jpg

Fourth Anglo-American Conference of Historians, 1936

Image:  /archives/006375.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006375.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006375.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006375.004.jpg
Image:  /archives/006375.005.jpg
Image:  /archives/006375.006.jpg
Image:  /archives/006375.006.jpg
Image:  /archives/006375.007.jpg
Image:  /archives/006375.008.jpg

Inauguration of Clarence Valentine Boyer, Sixth President of the University of Oregon, 1936

Image:  /archives/006380.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006380.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006380.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006380.004.jpg
Image:  /archives/006380.005.jpg
Image:  /archives/006380.006.jpg
Image:  /archives/006380.007.jpg
Image:  /archives/006380.008.jpg
Image:  /archives/006380.009.jpg

Académie des Sciences Arts et Belles-Lettres de Dijon anniversary, 1935

Image:  /archives/006385.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006385.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006385.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006385.004.jpg

500th anniversary of the University of Catania, ca. 1934

Image:  /archives/006390.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006390.002.jpg

50th anniversary of the Academia Nacional de Ciencias Antonio Alzate, 1934

Image:  /archives/006395.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006395.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006395.003.jpg

50th anniversary of the Founding of the Mississippi State College for Women, 1934

Image:  /archives/006400.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006400.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006400.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006400.004.jpg
Image:  /archives/006400.005.jpg
Image:  /archives/006400.005.jpg

Sixth International Congress of the History of Religions, 1935

Image:  /archives/006410.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006410.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006410.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006410.004.jpg
Image:  /archives/006410.005.jpg
Image:  /archives/006410.006.jpg

XIX International Congress of Orientalists, 1935

Image:  /archives/006415.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006415.002.jpg

Seventh American Scientific Congress, 1935

Image:  /archives/006420.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006420.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006420.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006420.004.jpg

Sixth International Botanical Congress, 1935

Image:  /archives/006425.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.004.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.005.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.006.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.007.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.008.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.009.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.010.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.011.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.012.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.013.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.014.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.015.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.016.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.017.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.018.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.019.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.020.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.021.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.022.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.023.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.024.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.025.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.026.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.027.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.028.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.029.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.030.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.031.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.032.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.033.jpg
Image:  /archives/006425.034.jpg

Centenary of the Geological Survey of Great Britain, 1935

Image:  /archives/006430.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006430.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006430.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006430.004.jpg
Image:  /archives/006430.005.jpg
Image:  /archives/006430.006.jpg
Image:  /archives/006430.007.jpg
Image:  /archives/006430.008.jpg
Image:  /archives/006430.009.jpg

Inauguration of Eugene Allen Gilmore as President of the State University of Iowa, 1934

Image:  /archives/006435.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006435.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006435.003.jpg

Inauguration of William Orville Mendenhall as President of Whittier College, 1934

Image:  /archives/006405.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006405.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006405.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006405.004.jpg
Image:  /archives/006405.005.jpg

Inauguration of John Stewart Bryan as President of the College of William and Mary, 1934

Image:  /archives/006440.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006440.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006440.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006440.004.jpg
Image:  /archives/006440.005.jpg

International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, 1934

Image:  /archives/006445.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006445.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006445.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006445.004.jpg
Image:  /archives/006445.005.jpg
Image:  /archives/006445.006.jpg
Image:  /archives/006445.007.jpg
Image:  /archives/006445.008.jpg
Image:  /archives/006445.009.jpg
Image:  /archives/006445.010.jpg
Image:  /archives/006445.011.jpg
Image:  /archives/006445.012.jpg
Image:  /archives/006445.013.jpg
Image:  /archives/006445.014.jpg

50th anniversary of the death of Victor Hugo, 1935

Image:  /archives/006450.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006450.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006450.003.jpg

Opening of the restored Duke of Gloucester Street in Colonial Williamsburg, 1934

Image:  /archives/006455.001.jpg

Discussion at Pan American Union, 1933

Image:  /archives/006460.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006460.002.jpg

Centennial Celebration of the Founding of the Royal Commission of History, Belgium, 1934

Image:  /archives/006465.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006465.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006465.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006465.004.jpg

Tercentenary of Harvard University, 1935

Image:  /archives/006470.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006470.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006470.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006470.004.jpg

Tercentenary of the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, 1934-1935

Image:  /archives/006475.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006475.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006475.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006475.004.jpg
Image:  /archives/006475.005.jpg
Image:  /archives/006475.006.jpg

Alexis de Tocqueville Committee, 1935

Image:  /archives/006480.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006480.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006480.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006480.004.jpg

Sesquicentennial celebration of the College of Charleston, 1935

Image:  /archives/006485.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006485.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006485.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006485.004.jpg
Image:  /archives/006485.005.jpg
Image:  /archives/006485.006.jpg
Image:  /archives/006485.007.jpg
Image:  /archives/006485.008.jpg
Image:  /archives/006485.009.jpg

XIIe Congrès International de Zoologie, 1935

Image:  /archives/006490.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.004.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.005.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.006.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.007.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.008.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.009.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.010.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.011.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.012.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.013.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.014.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.015.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.016.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.017.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.018.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.019.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.020.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.021.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.022.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.023.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.024.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.025.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.026.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.027.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.028.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.029.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.030.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.031.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.032.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.033.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.034.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.035.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.036.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.037.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.038.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.039.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.040.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.041.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.042.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.043.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.044.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.045.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.046.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.047.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.048.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.049.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.050.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.051.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.052.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.053.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.054.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.055.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.056.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.057.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.058.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.059.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.060.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.061.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.062.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.063.jpg
Image:  /archives/006490.064.jpg

IVe Congrès International de Linguists, 1935

Image:  /archives/006500.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006500.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006500.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006500.004.jpg
Image:  /archives/006500.005.jpg
Image:  /archives/006500.006.jpg

Buffalo Museum of Science exhibit opening, 1935

Image:  /archives/006505.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006505.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006505.003.jpg

75th anniversary of Louisiana State University, 1935

Image:  /archives/006510.001.jpg
Image:  /archives/006510.002.jpg
Image:  /archives/006510.003.jpg
Image:  /archives/006510.004.jpg
Image:  /archives/006510.005.jpg
Image:  /archives/006510.006.jpg
Image:  /archives/006510.007.jpg
Image:  /archives/006510.008.jpg
Image:  /archives/006510.009.jpg
Image:  /archives/006510.010.jpg
Image:  /archives/006510.011.jpg
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