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American Academy Announces 2004 Fellows and Foreign Honorary Members


Press Release

CAMBRIDGE, MA, April 30, 2004 – The American Academy of Arts and Sciences today announced the election of 178 new Fellows and 24 new Foreign Honorary Members to Academy membership. The 202 men and women are world-renowned leaders in scholarship, business, the arts, and public affairs. "I am honored to welcome these outstanding and influential individuals to the nation's oldest and most illustrious learned society," said Academy President Patricia Meyer Spacks. "These new members have made extraordinary contributions to their fields and disciplines through their commitment to the advancement of scholarly and creative work in every field and profession."

Election to the Academy has always been one of the highest honors in the United States. The Academy has elected as Fellows and Foreign Honorary Members the finest minds and most influential leaders from each generation, including George Washington and Ben Franklin in the eighteenth century, Daniel Webster and Ralph Waldo Emerson in the nineteenth, and Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill in the twentieth. "The American Academy is unique among academies for its breadth and scope," said Leslie Berlowitz, the Academy's Chief Executive Officer. "Throughout its history, the Academy has gathered individuals with diverse perspectives to participate in studies and projects focusing on advancing intellectual thought and constructive action. We know that this year's members will continue the Academy's tradition of cherishing knowledge in service to society."

The Academy was founded in 1780 by John Adams, James Bowdoin, John Hancock, and other scholar-patriots "to cultivate every art and science which may tend to advance the interest, honor, dignity, and happiness of a free, independent, and virtuous people." The unique structure of the American Academy allows the Academy to conduct interdisciplinary studies on international security, social policy, education, and the humanities that draw on the range of academic and intellectual disciplines of its members. The current membership of over 4,500 includes more than 150 Nobel laureates and 50 Pulitzer Prize winners.

The Academy will welcome this year's new Fellows and Foreign Honorary Members at its annual Induction Ceremony in October at the Academy's headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Newly elected members and their affiliations at the time of election are:

Abron, Lilia A.; President and Chief Executive Officer, Peer Consultants
Ahlers, Guenter; Professor of Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara
Akil, Huda; Gardner Quarton Distinguished University Professor of Neuroscience and Psychiatry and Co-Director and Senior Research Scientist, Mental Health Research Institute
Aldous, David; Professor of Statistics, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; University of California, Berkeley
Alivisatos, A. Paul; Professor of Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley
Alt, James E.; Frank G. Thomson Professor of Government, Harvard University
Annenberg, Leonore; President, Chair, and Sole Director, Annenberg Foundation
Arnhold, Henry H.; Chairman, Arnhold & S. Bleichroeder Holdings, Inc.
Axtell, James L.; William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Humanities, College of William & Mary
Baker, Tania A.; Whitehead Professor of Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Baldessari, John; Professor of Art, University of California, Los Angeles
Banerjee, Abhijit Vinayak; Professor of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bawendi, Moungi Gabriel; Professor of Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Beak, Peter; James R. Eiszner Endowed Chair in Chemistry, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Bear, Mark F.; Picower Professor of Neuroscience, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Beattie, Ann; Novelist and short story writer; Edgar Allan Poe Professor of Creative Writing, University of Virginia
Beckwith, Steven V. W.; Director, Space Telescope Science Institute
Bement, Jr., Arden L.; Director, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Bendor, Jonathan; Walter and Elise Haas Professor of Political Economics and Organizations, Stanford University
Bennett, Charles L.; Experimental Cosmologist, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
Benz, Jr., Edward J.; President and CEO, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Berlin, Ira; Distinguished University Professor, University of Maryland
Berliner, Paul F.; Professor of Ethnomusicology, Northwestern University
Berlowitz, Leslie Cohen; Chief Executive Officer, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Block, Ned; Professor of Philosophy and Psychology, New York University
Bobbitt, Philip Chase; A. W. Walker Centennial Chair in Law, University of Texas Law School
Bogle, John C.; Founder, Vanguard Group
Borisy, Gary G.; Leslie B. Arey Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Boyce, Mary Cunningham; Kendall Family Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bresnan, Joan W.; Sadie Dernham Patek Professor in Humanities, Stanford University
Brewer, Marilynn B.; Professor of Psychology, Ohio State University
Brodhead, Richard H.; President; Duke University
Bulow, Jeremy Israel; Richard Stepp Professor of Economics, Stanford University
Canizares, Claude R.; Bruno Rossi Professor of Experimental Physics and Associate Provost, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Carew, Thomas James; Bren Professor & Chair of Neurobiology and Behavior, University of California, Irvine
Carlson, Marian B.; Professor of Genetics and Microbiology, Columbia University
Case, Ted J.; Professor of Biology, University of California, San Diego
Chakrabarty, Dipesh;Laurence A. Kimpton Distinguished Service Professor of History and South Asian Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago
Chan, Moses H. W.; Evan Pugh Professor of Physics, Pennsylvania State University
Chazelle, Bernard; Professor of Computer Science, Princeton University
Chisholm, Malcolm H.; Distinguished Professor of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Ohio State University
Christ, Carol T.; President, Smith College
Clark, James H.; Chairman, Shutterfly Corporation; Co-founder, Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI) and Netscape
Collier, David; Professor of Political Science, University of California, Berkeley
Conquest, G. Robert A.; Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University
Cook, Michael A.; Cleveland E. Dodge Professor of Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University
Corigliano, John; Composer and Professor of Composition, Juilliard School
Davidovsky, Mario; Fanny P. Mason Professor of Music, Harvard University
Daw, Murray S.; R. A. Bowen Professor of Physics, Clemson University
de Montebello, Philippe; Director, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Dean, Mark E.; Vice President; IBM Fellow, International Business Machines Corporation
Dreyfoos, Jr., Alexander W.; Retired Chairman; Chief Researcher, Dreyfoos Group
Dulac, Catherine; Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University/Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Edwards, R. Lawrence; Distinguished McKnight University Professor, University of Minnesota
Emr, Scott David; Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of California, San Diego/Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Engelman, Donald Max; Eugene Higgins Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Yale University
Epstein, Charles J.; Professor of Pediatrics; Chief of Genetics, University of California, San Francisco
Fire, Andrew Z.; Professor of Pathology and Genetics, Stanford University
Fletcher, George Philip; Cardozo Professor of Jurisprudence, Columbia University
Fleury, Paul A.; Dean of Engineering; Frederick William Beinecke Professor of Engineering, Yale University
Frieden, Carl; Wittcoff Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics, Washington University in St. Louis
Galston, William Arthur; Saul I. Stern Professor of Civic Engagement, University of Maryland
Ganem, Donald Emil; Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, University of California, San Francisco/Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Gentner, Dedre; Professor of Psychology and of Education and Social Policy, Northwestern University
Ghez, Andrea; Professor of Astronomy, University of California, Los Angeles
Ghiglione, Loren F.; Dean, Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University
Girvin, Steven M.; Professor of Physics and Applied Physics, Yale University
Goldman, Alvin I.; Professor of Philosophy, Rutgers University
Gordon, Jeffrey Ivan; Dr. Robert J. Glaser Distinguished University Professor, Washington University in St. Louis
Graetz, Michael J.; Justus S. Hotchkiss Professor of Law, Yale University
Gray, Francine du Plessix; Writer; Biographer, New York, New York
Greif, Avner; Bowman Family Professor in the Humanities and Sciences, Stanford University
Gross, Leonard; Professor of Mathematics, Cornell University
Grosz, Barbara J.; Higgins Professor of Natural Sciences, Harvard University
Grove, David C.; Professor of Anthropology, University of Florida
Guarente, Leonard P.; Novartis Professor of Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Gundersheimer, Werner L.; Director Emeritus, Folger Shakespeare Library
Gurnett, Donald A.; Roy J. Carver/James A. Van Allen Professor of Physics, University of Iowa
Handler, Joel F.; Professor of Law, University of California, Los Angeles
Harvey, Jeffrey A.; Chair, Department of Physics; Enrico Fermi Distinguished Service Professor, University of Chicago
Hechter, Michael; Professor of Sociology, University of Washington
Heinrich, Bernd; Professor of Biology, University of Vermont
Hockfield, Susan; Provost; William Edward Gilbert Professor of Neurobiology, Yale University
Holbrooke, Richard C.; Vice Chairman, Perseus LLC; Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations
Horowitz, Frances Degen; President, Graduate School and University Center, City University of New York
Hyman, Steven E.; University Provost, Harvard University
Jacobsen, Eric N.; Sheldon Emory Professor of Chemistry, Harvard University
Jameson, James Larry; Irving S. Cutter Professor and Chair of Medicine, Northwestern University
Joseph, Brian D.; Kenneth E. Naylor Professor of South Slavic Languages, Ohio State University
Kanade, Takeo; U. A. and Helen Whitaker University Professor of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University
Kasperson, Roger E.; Geographer; Executive Director, Stockholm Environment Institute, Sweden
Katok, Anatole; Raymond N. Shibley Professor of Mathematics, Pennsylvania State University
Lazowska, Edward D.; Bill and Melinda Gates Chair in Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington
Lepper, Mark R.; Professor and Chair of Psychology, Stanford University
Levin, Bruce R.; Samuel Chandler Dobbs Professor of Biology, Emory University
Levy, Jay A.; Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco
Lin, Fang-Hua; Silver Professor of Mathematics, New York University Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Manin, Yuri I.; Board of Trustees Professor of Mathematics, Northwestern University
Marden, Brice; Visual Artist, New York, New York
Martin, Donald A.; Professor of Mathematics and Philosophy, University of California, Los Angeles
Massey, James L.; Adjunct Professor of Information Technology, Lund University
McDonnell, John F.; Retired Chairman of the Board, McDonnell Douglas Corp.
Meadows, Jr., Curtis W.; Executive Director, RGK Center for Philanthropy and Community Service, University of Texas at Austin
Meeks, Wayne; Woolsey Professor of Biblical Studies, Emeritus, Yale University
Meltzer, Daniel J.; Story Professor of Law and Vice Dean for Physical Planning, Harvard Law School
Merrill, Thomas Wendell; Charles Keller Beekman Professor, Columbia University
Modrich, Paul Lawrence; James B. Duke Professor of Biochemistry, Duke University/Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Mote, Jr., C. Dan; President, University of Maryland
Mueller, Alfred H.; Professor of Physics, Columbia University
Nevins, Joseph R.; James B. Duke Professor of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, Duke University/Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Noll, Mark A.; Carolyn and Fred McManis Professor of Christian Thought, Wheaton College
Novacek, Michael John; Senior Vice President; Provost of Science and Curator of Paleontology, American Museum of Natural History
Obstfeld, Maurice; Class of 1958 Professor of Economics, University of California, Berkeley
Olds, Sharon; Poet; Professor of English, New York University
Ornstein, Norman J.; Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute
O'Shea, Erin K.; Professor of Biochemistry & Biophysics, University of California, San Francisco/Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Page, Jr., Lyman Alexander; Professor of Physics, Princeton University
Papayannopoulou, Thalia; Professor of Medicine, University of Washington
Pérez-Firmat, Gustavo; David Feinson Professor of Humanities, Columbia University
Phillips, Carl; Poet; Professor of African and Afro-American Studies, Professor of English, Washington University in St. Louis
Pierrehumbert, Janet Breckenridge; Professor of Linguistics, Northwestern University
Pimm, Stuart L.; Doris Duke Chair of Conservation Ecology, Duke University
Pritchard, William H.; Henry Clay Folger Professor of English, Amherst College
Quandt, William B.; Provost and Edward R. Stettinius Professor of Politics, University of Virginia
Railton, Peter A.; John Stephenson Perrin Professor of Philosophy, University of Michigan
Randall, Linda Lea; Wurdack Chair of Biochemistry, University of Missouri, Columbia
Randall, Lisa; Professor of Physics, Harvard University
Rieseberg, Loren H.; Class of '54 Professor of Biology, Indiana University
Robinson, Gene E.; G. William Arends Professor of Integrative Biology and Director of the Neuroscience Program, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Romer, Christina; Class of 1957 Professor of Economics, University of California, Berkeley
Rosenblum, Nancy Lipton; Senator Joseph Clark Professor of Ethics in Politics and Government, Harvard University
Rosenfeld, Gerald; Chief Executive Officer, Rothschild North America
Rossky, Peter Jacob; Marvin K. Collie-Welch Regents Chair in Chemistry, University of Texas at Austin
Ruscha, Ed; Visual Artist, Los Angeles, California
Saari, Donald G.; Distinguished Professor of Economics and Mathematics, Director, Institute Math Behavioral Sciences, University of California, Irvine
Samueli, Henry; Co-Founder, Chairman & CTO, Broadcom Corporation
Sancar, Aziz; Sarah Graham Kenan Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Sarbanes, Paul S.; United States Senator, United States Senate
Sastry, Sosale Shankara; NEC Distinguished Professor and Chair, University of California, Berkeley
Satterthwaite, Mark A.; Earl Dean Howard Professor of Managerial Economics, Northwestern University
Schaefer III, Henry F.; Graham Perdue Professor, University of Georgia
Scheffler, Samuel; Professor of Philosophy and Law, University of California, Berkeley
Schoenfeld, Gerald; Chairman of the Board, Shubert Organization, Inc.
Schwarz, Norbert; Professor of Psychology; Research Professor, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan
Scott, Anne Firor; W. K. Boyd Professor of History, Emerita, Duke University
Sewell, William; Max Pelevsky Professor of History and Political Science, University of Chicago
Sharer, Robert James; Shoemaker Professor of Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania
Skowronek, Stephen; Pelatiah Perit Professor of Political and Social Science, Yale University
Smith, Rogers M.; Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor of Political Science, University of Pennsylvania
Stamatoyannopoulos, George; Professor of Genome Sciences and Medicine, University of Washington
Stone, Jr., Robert G.; Chairman Emeritus, Kirby Corporation
Stonesifer, Patty; Co-Chair and President, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Strick, Peter L.; Professor of Neurobiology and Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh
Strouse, Jean; Writer; Historian, New York Public Library
Suresh, Subra; Ford Professor of Engineering and Department Head, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Tatlock, Anne M.; Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Fiduciary Trust International
Tian, Gang; Professor of Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Tick, Judith; Matthews Distinguished University Professor, Northeastern University
Tisch, Preston R.; Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Loews Corporation
Tower, Joan; Asher Edelman Professor of Music, Bard College
Turrell, James; Visual Artist, Flagstaff, Arizona
Ueberroth, Peter V.; Managing Director, Contrarian Group
Van Duyne, Richard Palmer; Charles E. and Emma H. Morrison Professor of Chemistry, Northwestern University
Walker, Graham C.; Professor of Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Wallace, Douglas C.; Donald Brem Professor of Biological Sciences & Molecular Medicine, University of California, Irvine
Wallach, Nolan R.; Professor of Mathematics, University of California, San Diego
Ward, Bess B.; Professor of Oceanography, Princeton University
Waterston, Robert Hugh; William H. Gates III Endowed Chair in Biomedical Sciences and Chairman of the Department of Genome Sciences, University of Washington, Seattle
Watson, Rubie S.; William and Muriel Seabury Howells Director, Harvard University
Wirth, Timothy E.; President, United Nations Foundation
Wood, Diane P.; Circuit Court Judge, 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, Chicago, IL
Woodford, Michael; Professor of Economics, and Co-Director, Program for Economic Research, Columbia University
Xie, Yu; Frederick G. L. Huetwell Professor of Sociology, University of Michigan
Yancopoulos, George D.; Executive Vice President, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Young, Lai-Sang; Professor of Mathematics, New York University Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Zimmerman, Mary Alice; Professor of Performance Studies, Northwestern University
Zuber, Maria T.; E. A. Griswold Professor of Geophysics and Planetary Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Zwilich, Ellen Taaffe; Francis Epps Professor of Music, Florida State University


Blondel, Jean F. P.; Professor Emeritus, European University Institute, Italy
Braginsky, Vladimir Borisovich; Professor of Physics, Moscow State University, Russia
Carr, Raymond; Former Warden, St. Antony's College, University of Oxford, U.K.
Clarke, Bryan C.; Professor of Genetics; Leverhulme Emeritus Research Fellow, University of Nottingham, U.K.
Colin de Verdiere, Yves; Professor of Mathematics, Université Joseph Fourier, France
Dirzo, Rodolfo; Professor of Ecology, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Feringa, Bernard Lucas; Professor of Chemistry, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
Freud, Lucian; Visual Artist, London, U.K.
Gabba, Emilio; Professor Emeritus, Università degli Studi di Pavia, Italy
Gleiter, Herbert; Director, Institute of Nanotechnology, Germany
Grillner, Sten; Professor of Neurophysiology and Behavior, Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Jaim Etcheverry, Guillermo; President, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Kiefer, Anselm; Visual Artist, Barjac, France
Kocka, Jürgen; President, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung, Germany
Laroque, Guy; Director, Microeconomics Laboratory, INSEE-CREST, France
Lee, Ho-Wang; President, National Academy of Sciences, Republic of Korea
Luzzatto, Lucio; Scientific Director, Instituto Nazionale per la Ricerca sul Cancro, Italy
Martínez-Maldonado, Manuel; President and Dean, Ponce School of Medicine, Puerto Rico
Morris, Richard G. M.; Professor of Neuroscience, University of Edinburgh, U.K.
Pawson, Anthony James; University Professor of Medical Genetics and Microbiology, Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute
Richter, Gerhard; Visual Artist, Staatliche Kunstakademie, Germany
Spencer, Anthony James Merrill; Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Mechanics, University of Nottingham, U.K.
Takeichi, Masatoshi; Professor and Director, RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology, Japan
Zuckerman, Paul; Chairman, Zuckerman & Associates, LLC, U.K.


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