Exploring the Future of International Large-Scale Science

Jun 1, 2021 |
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Some scientific questions are simply too large to be answered by one nation's experts or facilities alone. International large-scale science collaborations engender discovery, innovation, and economic development. Successful collaborations – such as CERN, the Human Genome Project, and LIGO – leverage international talent to go beyond what can be done and learned at smaller scales.

Megascience undertakings increase our understanding of the world around us and our technical capabilities, but they are increasingly demanding endeavors as science and geopolitics grow more complex.

All were invited to join us for a discussion Bold Ambition: International Large-Scale Science, the second publication of the American Academy initiative “Challenges for International Scientific Partnerships.” This report articulates the imperatives for U.S. participation in international large-scale collaborations and initiatives, and identifies principles for successful collaborations. Panelists discussed the role of the United States and the future of large-scale science.

View the newly released report.