Launch of Report and Data Dashboard for a People-First Economy

Nov 9, 2023 |
Zoom Videoconference
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At this event, the Academy's Commission on Reimagining Our Economy (CORE) released its final report, Advancing a People-First Economy, and the CORE Score, a county-level dashboard of wellbeing. Together, the report and the dashboard make the case for a shift in national priorities, from a focus on how the economy is doing onto how Americans are doing.  

In a conversation moderated by David Leonhardt, commission cochairs Katherine CramerAnn Fudge, and Nicholas Lemann discussed Advancing a People-First Economy and its fifteen recommendations to make an economy that works for the people who make it work. They also shared the process that allowed a diverse, crosspartisan, and multidisciplinary group to agree to solutions for some of the biggest challenges facing the American people. Commission member Anna Deavere Smith delivered opening comments and Commission member Jacob Hacker showcased the CORE Score and explained why the nation needs to reimagine how it measures the economy. 

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