Science During Crisis: The Release of a New Report and Call to Action

Mar 19, 2019 |
Washington, D.C.
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Natural hazards, public health crises, environmental disasters, and extreme weather place significant stress on local communities, regions, and the nation, and can threaten human lives and environments across America. Science has and can make major contributions to disaster preparation as well as recovery and response. Yet, limited attention has been given to the application of science during disasters, including data collection, science communication to and with decision makers and citizens, and the integration of scientists into crisis response teams.

At this event, the authors of a new American Academy report, Science During Crisis, discussed the importance of science as a part of crisis response, emerging best practices, and areas for continued research. Additional perspective was provided by the head of disaster response and operations at the American Red Cross. The program highlighted policy recommendations that will advance the conduct of science, access to and use of scientific data, and the role of science in decision-making, as well as improve crisis response and recovery.

Rita R. Colwell
University of Maryland
Gary E. Machlis
Clemson University
Brad J. Kieserman
American Red Cross