The Public Face of Science


Science shapes American society in many ways, from the scientific information that guides fundamental personal choices—like which foods we eat and products we buy—to the technologies that lead to entirely new industries. The essential role of the natural and social sciences in everyday life raises a number of questions about how Americans view science, scientists, and the impacts of scientific research.

The Public Face of Science project seeks to ask and, when possible, answer these questions about the complex and evolving relationship between scientists and society and to examine how trust in science is shaped by individual experiences, beliefs, and engagement with science. 

The primary objectives of the three-year Public Face of Science are: 

  1. Raising awareness in the scientific and science communication communities on how the public currently views science and how they encounter it; 
  2. Suggesting research considerations for public polling organizations, scientific societies, and social scientists for collecting additional data on public attitudes and encounters with science; and 
  3. Improving the practice of science communication and engagement.

In pursuit of the project's objectives, the Chair and Steering Committee convened experts for essential workshops and discussion groups, collected research, and conducted outreach to a broad array of stakeholders. 



Steering Group Chair
Steering Group

Emilio Bizzi

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Academy Member

Rush D. Holt

American Association for the Advancement of Science

John Randell

John E. Bryson Director of Science, Engineering, and Technology Programs; Senior Program Director and Advisor to the President


News & Updates

News & Updates