The Public Face of Science in America: Priorities for the Future

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American Academy of Arts & Sciences

Table of Contents

Priority 1: Building Capacity for Effective Science Communication and Engagement in the Scientific Community

GOAL 1: Increase appreciation, awareness, and understanding of the skills required for effective science communication and engagement among the scientific community.
GOAL 2: Increase the capacity for science communication and engagement at higher education institutions.

Priority 2: Shaping the Narrative around Science

GOAL 1: Decrease mischaracterizations of science in science communication.
GOAL 2: Increase fundamental resources for science journalism.

Priority 3: Developing Systemic Support for Science Engagement Efforts

GOAL 1: Increase opportunities among researchers, practitioners, science centers, and communication and engagement organizations and networks to collaborate and share resources and best practices.
GOAL 2: Strengthen local science engagement ecosystems, especially where access may be limited, and increase cooperative science engagement efforts.
GOAL 3: Standardize and increase the number of resources for assessing outcomes and long-term impacts of science communication and engagement.