Encountering Science in America

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American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Table of Contents

Section 1: Building a Conceptual Framework

Science Communication and Engagement: To What End?
Overview of the Participants
Motivations for Communicating and Engaging
Outcomes of Science Communication and Engagement
Resources on Science Engagement

Section 2: How People May Encounter Science

Visiting Science
Attending Science Events
Participating in Science
Engaging with Science Online

Special Section: Science in Everyday Life

General News Outlets are a Common Source of Science News
Science Posts are Commonly Seen on Social Media
A Majority of Americans Watch Science-Related Entertainment
Discussion and Research Considerations

Section 3: Designing Engagement for Specific Impact

Science Engagement for the Benefit of Society
Fostering Community Engagement with Science
Building Trust in Information on Controversial Topics
Broadening Participation in STEM Fields and Activities


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