All the counts, percentages, and averages included in the narrative below are estimates generated from data collected for the third round of the Humanities Department Survey (HDS 3). 

Please note that even though the survey response rate for folklore departments was 83%, due to the relatively small number of departments (and evidence of substantial variation among them), the findings for this discipline should be interpreted with caution. Many of the estimates have a substantial margin of error associated with them. See the data tables in Part B of the Appendix for details. (For more on how to interpret the results, see the Introduction in the complete profile for this discipline.)

Folklore departments were first included in the 2012 survey.1 Of the departments that granted degrees in fall 2012, 12 still did so in fall 2017.

Download the full profile (PDF) or see the the main HDS 3 report.


  • 1All estimates in this profile are for the population of departments granting degrees in 2012 that were still doing so in 2017. The survey was able to detect departments that ceased to grant degrees between 2012 and 2017, but not any departments that may have begun granting degrees during that period.
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