Edgar Heap of Birds

Surviving Active Shooter Custer

Edgar Heap of Birds | "Surviving Active Shooter Custer"
Edgar Heap of Birds

Think about the ghosts, of people and cultures, that exist in your community.

Artist’s Note

“Taking language fragments from a wide range of sources, I use printmaking to transform them, in a process at once spiritual and material. 

“My installations make use of primary prints and their accompanying 'ghost' prints, created with a second pull from print-making plates. The primary prints are strong, bright, and bold, representing the way Indigenous life develops, grows, and survives the American empire. The faint color, blurred text, and sometimes obscured image treatment of the ghost mono prints represents the United States of America’s refusal to accept Native Indigenous Nations, their history, and the brutal holocaust perpetrated on our Nations by the ruling republic. 

“I am sharing two works for the Mixtape – 'Surviving Active Shooter Custer' and 'Survivance.' The first project (above) applies the contemporary phrase 'active shooter' to massacres committed by U.S. troops against Native Americans in the 1800s. The second project (below), 'Survivance,' further explores the destruction and survival of indigenous people. 'Survivance' features four prints: Columbus Day, Why is Immigration Dictated by Foreigners, Our Red Nations Were Always Green, and Water is Your Only Medicine. Learn more here.”

Hock e Aye Vi Edgar Heap of Birds, Water is Your Only Medicine, 2020, primary print.

Water is Your Only Medicine, 2020, primary print.

About the Artist

Edgar Heap of Birds, a member of the Academy, is an artist, activist, and teacher. 

Edgar Heap of Birds

University of Oklahoma
Academy Member

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