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Contributor’s Note

“Art has a unique power. It connects people to their communities and to each other, broadens our understanding of the world around us, challenges us to question held beliefs, enables us to see ourselves in the other, and to tap into our feelings.

“That’s why we launched Knight New Work campaigns. These open calls sought to support Miami artists during the pandemic as they brought their ideas to fruition. Selected artists created hybrid performances, used virtual and augmented reality, varied platforms including Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, and enhanced websites to remain visible and relevant during such unprecedented times. I was deeply inspired by their creativity, courage and adaptability.

“We engaged filmmaker Jonathan David Kane of Kismet Creative Studio to amplify their work. Showcased are the artistry of Teo Castellanos’ ‘F/Punk Junkies’ and the collaboration between Seraphic Fire and Alvaro Bermudez, ‘Danzas del Silencio.’ These are just two examples of the talent and diversity of the Miami-based artists.”

About the Contributor and Organization

Victoria Rogers, a member of the Commission on the Arts, is Vice President of the Arts at Knight Foundation.

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Victoria Rogers

Knight Foundation
Commission Member

Commission on the Arts

The Commission - drawing on the expertise of its members who are artists, scholars, activists, and leaders, as well as the input of people across the country who participated in listening sessions - dedicated itself to recognizing and supporting the essential role of the arts and artists in American life.