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Vicky Holt Takamine: Hula
Vicky Holt Takamine

What do you want to learn and preserve from your own culture?

Contributor’s Note

“My ancestors did not have a written language, so Hawaiian culture was passed down through oral traditions of chant, moolelo (storytelling), and Hula. People think of Hula as a form of dance, but it’s the texts and chants that give Hula its motions and meaning. Within those texts are stories behind place names, plant names, and the names of the winds and rains of the island areas. When we dance Hula, we are telling those stories. If we don’t dig up the words of our ancestors, then their knowledge just sits there. And, if we give life and movement to that knowledge, it will live on in the next generation.”

About the Contributor

Vicky Holt Takamine, a member of the Commission on the Arts, is the founder and kumu hula (master teacher) of Pua Ali‘i ‘Ilima, a school of traditional Hawaiian dance with classes on Oʻahu, KauaʻI, and New York City. 

Vicky Holt Takamine

Pua Ali‘i ‘Ilima
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