Bonnie Rose Hough

Judicial Council of California

Bonnie Rose Hough is the Managing Attorney for the Center for Families, Children & The Courts (CFCC) for the Judicial Council of California’s Administrative Office of the Courts. Previous to this role, she served the CFCC as a Supervising attorney for six years, and a senior attorney for nearly five. She has also worked in private practice and previously served as Executive Director of the Family Law Center of Marin. She is the author or co-author of numerous reports and journal articles, including a number on self-represented litigants. She also serves on the California Commission on Access to Justice Committees on Civil Gideon, Language Access, and Support for the Judiciary; the State Bar of California Executive Committee for Hearings on Need for Funding for Legal Services and the Courts; and the Steering Committee of the National Self-Represented Litigation Network. She is also the recipient of a number of awards including the Dale M. Sipes Spirit of Justice Award from the Administrative Office of the Courts, the Public Service Award from Central California Legal Services, and the Award of Merit from the California Commission on Access to Justice and Legal Aid Association of California.

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