Charles O. Holliday

Royal Dutch Shell
Company executive (chemical); Industrial engineer
Leadership, Policy, and Communications
Business, Corporate, and Philanthropic Leadership


Charles O. Holliday is a Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Bank of America as well as many other organizations. He is former Chair of the Board and Chief Executive Officer (1998-2008) of DuPont. Under his direction, DuPont established its mission to achieve sustainable growth: increasing shareholder and societal value while decreasing the company's environmental footprint. In addition, Holliday is Chairman of the National Academy of Engineering, has been applauded for recognizing that social justice and corporate responsibility for environmental degradation are fundamental for sustainable development. He served on the board of directors of Deere & Co., Bank of America, Royal Dutch Shell, the ClimateWorks Foundation, and the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions at Duke University, and was past chair of the board of Catalyst, the Council on Competitiveness, and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. He currently serves as Chairman Royal Dutch Shell plc. 

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