Claude R. Canizares

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Astrophysicist; Educator; Academic administrator
Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Earth Sciences
Bruno Rossi Professor of Physics. Directed the development of high-resolution spectrometers for NASA's Einstein and Chandra X-ray observatories and devised the theoretical and practical basis for X-ray diagnostics of hot plasmas in celestial objects. Served at MIT as Director of the Center for Space Research, Associate Provost, Vice President for Research and Associate Provost, Vice President. Also served as Chairman of the Space Studies Board of the National Academy of Sciences and member of the NASA Advisory Council. Studies a wide range of Galactic and extra-Galactic objects including active stars, black-hole or neutron star binaries, supernova remnants, quasars, clusters of galaxies and the inter-stellar and inter-galactic medium. 
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